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Our good friend Blair Blake sends word of a magickal Kickstarter campaign that could do with some grassroots support: Artist Orryell Defenestrate-Bascule, who has published the Australian magickal journal SILKMILK, and, more recently, authored a four-book series of alchemical works published by Fulgur Limited, is offering some cool esoteric artworks as rewards for crowd-funding support of his film Solve et Coagula:

SOLVE et COAGULA is about re-membering the body, reconnecting the mind-body-spirit split; a mythic tale rooted in the ancient archetypes of Orpheus, Osiris and Dionysos, yet increasingly relevant in our age of virtualization, depersonalization and desensitization.

SOLVE et COAGULA takes as its premise the myth of Orpheus, ancient Thracian bard who -apparently due to his lack of presence- was torn limb from limb by the Maenads, primal wild-women in the retinue of Dionysos, God of drama and intoxication.

I have made two previous feature-length film adaptations of Metamorphic Ritual Theatre productions: 2003’s ritual opera ‘The Choronzon Machine’ and 2006’s ritual dance theatre ‘Loom of Lila’.

However this new film in progress differs in that most of it will be re-shot especially for the film rather than just editing together existing footage from the live productions. This allows more close-ups, different angles with no audience in the way, and multiple takes to get everything just right. Additionally much of the stop-animated material of the composite statue’s construction will be recreated with newer technology and further developed skills than in the version used as backing in the live shows.

(Thanks Blair.)

Link: Kickstarter for Solve et Coagula