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Pyramid Anomaly

Two Mysterious Cavities Discovered Hidden Within the Great Pyramid

Almost a year ago we wrote about the announcement of the ‘Scan Pyramids’ project, which aimed to search for hidden chambers in the pyramids of Egypt. Just two weeks later came a breaking news story on an ‘impressive anomaly’ being detected behind the outer blocks of the Great Pyramid at ground level, suggesting the existence of a secret passageway or room.

A year on, and we finally have more news on the Great Pyramid investigation. Only, the much-vaunted ‘impressive anomaly’ on the pyramid’s eastern side doesn’t get a mention; instead new ‘cavities’ have been found:

An unknown cavity was detected at a height of about 345 feet from the ground on the northeastern edge of the monument, while a “void” was found behind the northern side at the upper part of the entrance gate.

“Such void is shaped like a corridor and could go up inside the pyramid,” Mehdi Tayoubi, founder of the Paris-based Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute, told Seeker.

He added that no link can be made between the two cavities at the moment.

…Tayoubi and his colleagues placed detectors sensitive to muons, called emulsion plates, inside the pyramid to discern dense areas from less dense areas — essentially the bones and tissue of the pyramid. When the films from the detectors were analyzed at Nagoya University in Japan, they revealed a significant excess of muons in the same direction, strongly pointing to a corridor-like void.

“The precise shape, size and exact position of this void is now under further investigation,” the researchers said.

Exactly how much ‘further investigation’ will be possible is up in the air though, as a familiar face heads up the scientific committee overseeing the investigation – and this particular person is not a fan of other people getting the glory ahead of him…

The results have been submitted to a scientific committee led by the former minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass… [He] believes more research is needed before it can be confirmed that the results point to hidden cavities or secret rooms.

“These people are scientists and do not have an archaeological background. The core of the pyramid was built using long stones and small stones. If you know that, you’ll find anomalies everywhere,” Hawass told Seeker in a phone interview.

“I think there are no secret rooms and these anomalies have to do with the way the pyramid was built,” Hawass said.

There is currently no new information posted on the Scan Pyramids website, but we’ll keep an eye out for new videos or press releases in the near future that might offer more information.

Link: Great Pyramid Find: Two Mysterious Cavities With Unusual Features


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