News Briefs 10-10-2016

By most mechanical and dirty hand

Thanks Rick, Ross, @djp1974 and @mjpcuervo.

Quote of the Day:

People don’t change their behaviour because they see the light, they change their behaviour because they feel the heat.

Michele Mosca (“As We Enter the New Quantum Era“)

  1. Matrix
    Why do billionaires always blow their cash on useless BS when we could be curing childhood diabetes? And the scariest part of all this is that this is some how less of a waste than donating one cent to Scientology.

    1. Dude
      Space exploration a the most important science. Every achievement in space is one step closer to knowing why gravity sucks. Let us escape this prison planet. Let beings of a sentient nature explore deep space, who knows what we will find? Shine forth brave souls! 87

      1. The tech billionaires are
        The tech billionaires are just trying to get us accustomed to the idea of living in a virtual reality of their own making. If every reality is a simulation then what would be the harm of living in the one they could make?
        Of course our reality is a computer simulation, but only in the sense that all realities are made up of information that at the most fundamental level is mathematically expressed. “Escaping” this one just lands you in another one of similar construction. They would just prefer it to be of their own construction because they want control over the game.

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