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Indiana Jones and the Animated Adventures?

Back in 2011, talented character designer and animator Patrick Schoenmaker started a project creating concept art for an animated series of Indiana Jones. Five years later, he’s gone the extra mile and produced an awesome animated concept trailer. Disney and Lucasfilm need to call Patrick and make this right now! It’s as good as the real thing, and if they could get Harrison Ford to voice the series… well, for Patrick, it would be like finding El Dorado or the Ark of the Covenant. Fortune and glory, Patrick… fortune and glory! Watching the trailer makes me giddy as a schoolboy.

Enjoy the trailer, and head on over to Patrick’s website for more cool concept art.

  1. animated indi
    As long as it didn’t try to be like Gravity Falls. When they tried that with the Crystal Skull movie it was awful and over the top. Disney seems to like to hang on the whole conspiracy theory, Illuminati/Freemason bandwagon even though it ran out of gas about 5 years ago. That’s why I could never get into Gravity Falls, I felt it tried too hard to fill that niche, like an animated “National Treasure.” Don’t get me wrong it had good writing but I felt it tried way too hard.

    bring on the hate

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