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Around 3000 years ago, a number of pyramids were built in northern Africa – not in Egypt though, where the New Kingdom era had recently come to an end, but in neighbouring Sudan. The pyramids of the ‘Kingdom of Kush‘ are generally smaller, and are characterised by much steeper sides than their Egyptian counterparts. The video above gives a different perspective on these unique structures.

In a melding of modern-day technology and 3,000-year-old artifacts, a team supported by National Geographic is getting some of the first glimpses into ancient pyramids, temples, and burial sites sprawled across the Sudanese desert.

The part of the site that draws the most attention is the underground burial chamber of a Nubian king who conquered Egypt in 715 B.C., but today the action is far above ground as National Geographic engineer, Alan Turchik, flies a remote-controlled quadcopter camera over the site to gain a broader perspective of the area.

“The best part with the helicopter is I can fly over and gain this connection between all the other burial sites, between the pyramid and the temple, and get an understanding of what that is from the air,” says Turchik.

Link: Amazing Drone Footage of Nubian Pyramids