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After a year’s hiatus, we’re back! I’m happy to announce that the ninth instalment of our Darklore anthology series covering hidden history, fringe science, the occult and general Forteana is now available for sale! You can pick up your copy from any number of online retailers through a simple search. But for simplicity’s sake, here are the links to Amazon for both the paperback, and the limited edition hardcover:


Limited Edition Hardcover

The latest release has themes of magic and mysticism running through it, with essays from regulars including Mike Jay and Robert Schoch, as well as a conspicuous newcomer to our pages: the great Alan Moore!

Here’s the summary of the essays in Darklore 9, taken from the introduction of the book:

Within the pages of Volume 9 we have Blair MacKenzie Blake surveying and reinterpreting the infamous grimoires of centuries past; Alan Moore asking if magic is in any way relevant to the modern world, advocating a scorched earth approach and new beginnings; John Reppion using a fictional work to illustrate the origins and practice of various magical traditions; and Cat Vincent looking at the origins and practice of various magical traditions and showing how many of them come from fictional works.

No Darklore release focuses on just one topic though. And so, along with the magical core of Volume 9, we have a number of fascinating articles on other topics of interest: Mike Jay reviews the ‘hidden
history’ of the 19th century Club des Hachischins; Adam Gorightly looks at the amazing, controversial life of Kerry Thornley, co-creator of Discordianism and one-time JFK assassination suspect; Robert Schoch takes us beyond the Hollywood version of the werewolf to better understand the origins of this archetypal monster; Paul Devereux introduces us to the shamanic plants of the Americas; and Greg Taylor finds that the history of research into meteorites offers a valuable lesson to science on the value of listening to eye-witness reports.

Thanks for all your support of the Darklore series – it helps to fund this website, and also provides financial support for contributors so that they can continue researching and writing about the stranger side of life.

I’m sure all readers will enjoy this latest instalment in the series. For those of you who remain unconvinced, I’ll publish some sample articles at the Darklore website (and here at TDG as well) in the coming week.


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