Join the Search for the Lost Cities of Ancient Peru

Earlier this month I posted a TED talk by (and additional documentary about) ‘space archaeologist’ Sarah Parcak. That TED talk was a rather brief overview of the million dollar TED prize winner and her plans for ‘citizen archaeology’ via satellites, but the above talk is more recent, and devoted to discussing the start of the project, in particular its focus on lost archaeological sites in Peru:

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of lost ancient sites lie buried and hidden from view. Satellite archaeologist Sarah Parcak is determined to find them before looters do. With the 2016 TED Prize, Parcak is building an online citizen-science tool called GlobalXplorer that will train an army of volunteer explorers to find and protect the world’s hidden heritage. In this talk, she offers a preview of the first place they’ll look: Peru — the home of Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines and other archaeological wonders waiting to be discovered.

You can sign up to be a beta tester, and receive updates on the project, at the GlobalXplorer website. More details about the venture can be found in the article “Finding the legendary lost cultures of ancient Peru“.

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