News Briefs 25-07-2016

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Quote of the Day:

Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye.

William Gibson

  1. Silver Linings Playbook
    The article on colloidal silver was as confused as its opposition. Colloidal silver is indeed a very good anti-microbial – for eye infections it is quite effective topically and is good for skin infections in general – but ingesting it daily is foolish because it will wipe out gut flora. If you have some virulent microbial gut invader then wiping out everything, which is what a lot of antibiotics do anyway, can be accomplished with colloidal silver, but then you have to try to re-establish the flora with probiotics. If you keep taking colloidal silver then you will just be repeatedly starting all over again with bad consequences for your GI tract. The same happens with regular use of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

    I have heard of people using it effectively for really awful things like Morgellons and Lyme disease in which cases the invader is so nasty and intractable that wiping out good microbes along with the bad is considered to be a necessary evil.

    Argyria is caused by ingesting a lot of the ionic form of colloidal silver. The ionic form of colloidal gold is also problematic for the nervous system. I use colloidal silver to topically treat my old cat’s chronic eye infections which are due to a tear duct problem and allergies. It works quite well, but I buy it only from this company:

    I also use colloidal gold in some of my water vortex devices for reasons that branch off into other areas related to energy work, but it is not ingested.

  2. Dark Matter Indeed
    I’ve always felt Dark Matter is the stuff that created our universe and as such may even have more nested layers. Think of it this way, if we ever find a way to cross many lightyears it will use Dark matter pathways/structures, hopping galaxys and we’ll need even deeper structures to guide us. Currently we know it’s ‘shadow’ creates gravitational effects but we’re still far from differentiating dark matter. Accepting that dark matter has a deliberate purpose in shaping this universe is the first step we need to take.

  3. News
    Status: If there is an inner circle, this seems like something that plays in there hands. The US is being split by foolish bias and persuasion and not looking at the bigger picture. Neither side is good frankly and I don’t mean the candidates.

    Roach milk: There is a massive downside to this. Continued exposure to cockaroaches can cause severe allergies to them and you may be allergic and not know it. My mom became allergic because most of her life she grew up poor in New York and exposed to roaches. Direct exposure causes the reaction. Frankly this sounds like snake oil, similar to how capsules containing tapeworms are used to help with weight loss. Oh sure if you don’t mind eating a PARASITE!!!

    1. Chaos and disarray are
      Chaos and disarray are themselves among the most potent tools for steering events in certain directions. Flooding Europe with desperate refugees, for instance, has created pretexts for ramping up the police state and curtailing civil liberties.

  4. Chemtrail Angst
    “The idea that the government is secretly poisoning everyone with so-called “chemtrails” is a favourite among the types of people who also believe things like the Earth is really flat.”

    Statements like this to lead off articles about the vast chemtrail project which is really the Manhattan Project of our day are a big clue as to the actual intent of the author which is to immediately brand an idea “kooky” by using association fallacy – chemtrails are “flat earth” type ideas. It also attempts to further kook-ize the idea by claiming obbliquely that the intent of the project is to “poison” us. There is of course no mention of the more likely reason for this project – to mitigate global warming by creating a haze over the planet in the manner that periods of intense volcanism do (which tactic was first promoted prominently by Edward Teller) and to also manipulate weather by “ducting,” cloud seeding effects and who knows what all else. That there is a mild “poisoning” of the biology below the fallout zones is true, but it is probably a side effect and not the real intent though lord knows the medium could be used for all sort of “experiments’ on biological systems too.

    I am kind of surprised that such a superficial and obviously loaded “hit piece” style article would get air time on TDG.

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