News Briefs 28-06-2016

Dogpocalypse now

Quote of the Day:

Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

George Carlin

  1. Turning over
    There was this ancient lake in the Rift Valley that was filled with helium gas. When the lake turned over and the gas drifted down wind at least everyone didn’t die like they do with carbon dioxide. Everyone just talked funny for awhile even the animals sound different but the witch hunters certainly came out. Of course they talked funny too and who could get a conviction when even the judge sounded that way. No death or tears that day just high pitched laughter.

    Sorry I had to oblige the comedy request. Certainly would beat the CO2. Guess I had better stick to my day job.

    1. Not to mention that “helium”
      Not to mention that “helium” is sexist – it should be called “herlium.” But that’s sexist too – it should be “Shehelium.” A better compromise yet – “Teehee-lium” which takes both genders out of the running.

  2. no more sun?
    I read some years ago about an alternative explanation about the lack of neutrinos being detected from the sun. They said the sun has gone out, and because it is kind of biggish, it just takes time to notice this.
    I think this was from Analog magazine, one of their “Probability Zero” things.

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