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The Heretic 9

The Heretic Volume 9

Our good friends at The Heretic magazine have released Volume 9 of their fantastic electronic publication, and the new issue is chock-full of fascinating content ranging through the fields of alternative history, lost civilisations and technologies, the occult and more.

Here’s a summary of the articles in the new issue:

In Two Blind Beggars, the Biblical Scholar Peter Cresswell discusses the peculiar tale of Jesus, as described in the Book of Mark, when he heals one blind beggar, the son of Timaeus, on the way out of Jericho. What Peter discovers about the conventional tale is the sort of thing that only a true heretic could uncover.

The Carolina Bays and the Destruction of North America is a perfect example of just how versatile Heretic regular, Ralph Ellis, truly is. Ralph’s research on this controversial topic has received the attention of academia, as it should yours. Is there no topic that he cannot master?

The best selling author Adrian Gilbert needs no introduction. His books have sold millions across the globe and now, making his Heretic debut, we could not think of anyone more qualified to discuss The Need for Modern-Day Heretics than he.

In The Pollen Gods, Heretic Editor Andrew Gough delves into the mystery of the curious stone bags that are portrayed on Assyrian reliefs and in the art work of many other ancient cultures. What Andrew has discovered will surprise you. Has he solved the mystery of ‘what’s in the bag’ once and for all?

In Stellar Gnosis – Liber Astrum,Payam Nabarz tells us: ‘The aims of following stellar workings are to increase the knowledge of the constellations and the ‘heavens’.’ But that is just the start of Payam’s fascinating examination of the ancient mysteries.

The intrepid explorer Francis O’Donnell, recounts his trip to the then tumultuous Peru, over twenty-five years ago. Frances augments his remarkable journey with spectacular photographs and asks, To Whom Does Art Belong? Anyone who has watched in horror as antiquities in Syria and Iraq are destroyed by military extremists will appreciate the importance of this question.

Both Heather and Gary had contributed to The Heretic prior to tying the proverbial knot and now we are proud to feature their truly remarkable joint work as Mrs and Mr Osborn. In Hy-Brasil and the Fire Eye of the Goddess, Heather Elizabeth Osborn and Gary Osborn present a fascinating thesis about how a lost island, the mystery of Rendlesham, the Tuatha dé Danaan and the Irish settlement at Tara are all related. Essential reading for all questers of the truth.

David Alan Ritchie has never shied away from controversy and his latest article for The Heretic, an extract entitled The Old King from his sensational new book, is bound to be the most heretical thing you have read in decades, if not ever. What if history did not unfold as we have been told? What if Scotland was the real and original Holy Land?

Nallein Satana Al-Jilwah Sowilo is an amazing woman. Not only is the subject matter of her articles unique, fascinating and bold, but she has written them (this is her second article for The Heretic Magazine) with no internet and no PC, while assisting Yezidis in Iraq. Necromancy of the Sadhus, however, is a fabulous article by any standard and what Nallein shares will enthral you.

Stewart Swerdlow is a legend for those in the know. He was an early mentor of David Icke and remains a brilliant and multi-dimensional subject-area expert on all things Illuminati and alien-race related. In False Flags, Fake History, Bogus Governments Stewart draws from a yet unreleased book of his to shed light in the murky reaches of our shadowy government elite.

Here’s the Editor’s introduction, from Andrew Gough:

Link: The Heretic magazine

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