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Phonehenge: Image Juxtaposing Ancient and Modern Technology Wins Photography award

The winner of this year’s British Life Photography award is the fantastic shot above by Elena Marimon Munoz, which juxtaposes the ancient megalithic technology of Stonehenge with the modern technology that is smart phones, both in the process of capturing a cosmic event: the summer solstice.

By the time the sun started to rise above the stones, hundreds, if not thousands of people, had gathered inside the stone circle, phones and cameras up in the air ready to record the magical moment,” says Marimon Munoz. “In the picture, I wanted to capture the mixture of ancient history and modern technology, fused together – past and present.

It’s an odd thing we do – rather than being in the moment and experiencing it, we want to somehow capture it in our tiny devices. A whole branch of psychology that could be devoted to answering why…

Link: British Life Photography Awards

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