News Briefs 28-03-2016

Easter, such a time of joy! Hope you had a good one.

  1. Re: “if we could see the
    Re: “if we could see the whole world” story

    Why include a link to the Sunday Times, where you have to buy a subscription to read more than a paragraph of this story? Seems more like an advertisement for that publication.

  2. Cold Fusion Bunny
    Well, whenever the state of Florida is involved you have to wonder. The article doesn’t say how efficient it is to convert the generated “heat” into electricity. But, I suppose they would just use traditional technology for that. Regardless, I do like the term “reputation trap”. I’m a world leader in certain areas of research for that reason alone, i.e., no one else will do it!

    Garry Shandling: He crossed the finish line before me, making him the victor! (How else do you pay tribute to a comedian?)

    Easter Joy: Greg, are those your little Cryptozoologists?

    1. Holographic Resonance
      The really fascinating prospect about remote holography is that there is probably a resonance between the projection and the object projected. That opens up all sorts of possibilities – many unforeseen probably especially if the object is biological.

  3. Teen girl AI
    Proving that those who go on Twitter are destined to degrade into bigoted 12 year old trolls. If she had been allowed to go on longer she would have been supporting Trump……you knew it was coming.

  4. octopus
    [quote=]The eight-legged, boneless cephalopod mollusc (not a fish) had become a literary sensation, with the publication of Victor Hugo’s novel Toilers of the Sea five years earlier. It featured a fight between a fisherman and a giant octopus. Hugo claimed the animal, well known previously to seafarers but little seen by anyone else, drank the blood of its “victims”.

    “He draws you to him, and into himself,” he wrote. “While bound down, glued to the ground, you feel yourself gradually emptied into this horrible pouch, which is the monster itself.”[/quote]

    Makes you rethink that video of the seagull and the octopus, doesn’t it Greg? Cell the octopus 😛

  5. alchemy
    While this is an excepted fact to us Fortean types, trying to convince most of science that alchemy is anything but a pseudo-science is like trying to convince a horse to stand on one leg.

  6. Redefining Life and Death
    I find extraordinary both the intellectual hypocrisy and the lack of self-awareness of those scientists who discount evidence of NDE experiencers essentially on the basis that “such things can’t be”. They dismiss out of hand reports that the patients were brain dead with the circular logic that the fact the patient had an NDE means the brain was obviously alive. A scientist with that kind of inherent bias will never find convincing evidence of NDEs.

    The arrogance of someone who discards a first-hand report because it doesn’t comport with his or her own biases just astounds me.

  7. from the Lord-of-Earthquakes-is-Risen-Dept.
    Ty, my easter was fun

    (hearing from my bro who is in S America, I’d love to experience Easter there and/or Mexico–such PASSION!)

    unconditional love is risen!

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