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News Briefs 08-03-2016

Paranormal activity just took on a whole new meaning…

Quote of the Day:

If you want to get tough on crime, let’s deal with the causes of crime. Let’s demand that every man, woman and child in this country have a decent opportunity and a decent standard of living.

Bernie Sanders

  1. Hallucinating Culutral Paradigms
    As much as I revere Terrence Mckenna it was likely his eloquent and copious rhapsodizing about the cultural de-progamming of hallucinogen using that has so terrified certain powers that be or who at least think they be.

  2. nrws
    PR: Yet at some point they need designers to bring it to the world, so we really rule the world. The PR person we had for the company I used to work for used to smoke marijuana in his car before coming in for a meeting. I’m actually amazed we every got any press releases out.

    White witch: Interesting read, although that outfit she is wearing with the eyes reminds me of Argus, counterintuitive to studying Hermes.

    Lord Shiva: Makes perfect sense actually. Possibly the most sense science has done in a while…associating themselves with a god. The irony.

    Paranormal romance: Great, a whole book shelf’s worth of future Twilights and 50 Shades of Bad Movies

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