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The Invisible World of Iceland: Elves, Ghosts and Monsters Live On in a Liminal Landscape

Spotted this documentary on supernatural encounters in Iceland over at Ultraculture, and thought that many Grail readers would enjoy it. “Investigation Into the Invisible World” is…

… an incredibly eerie exploration into a place where people have a deep understanding of realities that exist just outside of our own, populated by hidden beings that exist at a “different frequency” than our own—dwarves, fairies, gnomes, light beings and many more. These “daimonic realities,” as they have been termed by Fortean researchers, bear much in common with modern-day reports of UFO abduction.

The documentary is eerie and compelling, like a David Lynch film, and shows how real magic is for so many people in our world, just outside of the well-lit roads of modern capitalist society.

The stories recounted are sometimes truly interesting, sometimes “oh dear, you’ve tipped over the edge”, and perhaps even sometimes “oh, this is a tourist dollar thing, right?” But across the entire documentary, the liminal landscape of Iceland dominates, and you can’t help but feel that there is something strange in the air (and ground, and rocks, and water) there.

(h/t Ultraculture)

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