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Fill Your Bookshelves With All This Grail Goodness – Before Prices Go Up

Here at the Daily Grail we don’t just post a non-stop buffet of Fortean goodness to the web. We also publish actual books, ranging from absolute classics – such as Jacques Vallee’s UFO masterpiece Passport to Magonia, to a yearly(ish) anthology covering everything from hidden history to the mysteries of consciousness.

Unfortunately, I’ve received word from our printer that – after ten years of static prices – this month they will be lifting their print prices. As we run on a very tight margin, that rise in price will sadly be reflected in a higher retail price for our books from the start of next month.

The good news is that I’m telling you now, so if you’re interested in any of our books, you can get in before the price rise at the end of the month and grab them at the current price. And by buying one of our books, everybody wins: not only are they great reads on fascinating topics, but each sale helps keep this site running as well as supporting the various authors and researchers associated with each book.

To save you having to dig around Amazon, below you’ll find direct links to all of our titles. First, our stand-alone books on topics ranging from shamanism to UFOs, lucid dreaming and the afterlife:

We also now have eight volumes of our Fortean anthology series Darklore available:

Daily Grail Publishing's Darklore Series

Massive apologies for the impending price rise, which we have been forced into by circumstances beyond our control. But I’m sure those who have purchased our books in the past will agree that they remain great value, and we will be continuing to add new, exciting titles in coming months and years on a range of topics relevant to all those who read The Daily Grail.