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Jacques Vallee Reddit AMA

Reddit AMA with Dr Jacques Vallee on the UFO Phenomenon

On Sunday one of our favourite people, legendary UFO researcher Jacques Vallee, took part in a Reddit AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’), in which he directly answered questions from Redditors related to his field of research. As with any AMAs, there’s a lot of ‘noise’ comments drowning out the signal (such as chest-puffing by self-claimed ‘rational’ thinkers), but if you stay with the first up questions, and answers from Jacques – without following down into the threads too far – there’s plenty of interest in there.

For example, in response to the question “What is the most convincing case (and/or documented) that you have studied?”, Jacques’ response was:

There is a large number of cases that pass the “serious” screen: cases with unexplained physical traces and multiple witnesses over significant duration, etc. but I mostly look for overall patterns that can characterize the phenomenon as a whole. One especially significant case took place at Valensole in France years ago and has never been explained: a landing with physical traces and two “beings” that paralyzed the witness. The French government space agency has has a long-term group of investigation about such cases and I am on their advisory committee. Valensole has never been explained. Of course the paralysis has many scientists very interested. UFOs have many physiological impacts on humans.

Jacques’ AMA appearance coincided with the final days of his crowd-funding campaign for a deluxe, limited copy collector’s edition of his book Wonders in the Sky. It is currently at 69% of its funding goal, so if you’re interested in backing the campaign and getting yourself a copy – no doubt a wise financial investment, if you could ever bear to sell it at a later date – then make sure you sign up *now*. Here’s a mock-up version to make your eyes salivate:

Wonders in the Sky Collector's Edition

This would make the most amazing Christmas gift idea for anybody you know interested in the topic of UFOs (though, obviously, they will have to wait for the physical product to be manufactured), so with less than two days left, be sure to head to the crowd-funding campaign site and put your name down for a copy as soon as possible.

Link: Crowd-Funding Campaign for ‘Wonders in the Sky: A Breakthrough in UFO Research’

Link: Reddit AMA with Dr. Jacques Vallee

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