Imaginalus: The Imaginal Realm and Idea Emporium

Researcher of esoterica, Forteana and all the Damned subjects in between, Blair MacKenzie Blake – who has amazingly contributed an article to *every* Darklore release so far! – sends word of a new website where he will be posting articles on a variety of topics (no doubt, mostly from the shadow areas of history and knowledge) as well as creating some occult-flavoured merchandise for fellow travellers on the roads of the strange: “Imaginalus: The Imaginal Realm and Idea Emporium“. Blair notes that…

For the launch, I have posted “THE CURIOUS DIARY ENTRIES OF VERITY PENNINGTON”, which reads a bit like a short story, and concerns the possible connection between the colonial farmer-astronomer Benjamin Banneker and a secret of Egyptian Freemasonry? I am also offering a deal of including for FREE a parchment copy of a SIGNED unpublished ‘homage’ to Crowley prose-poem entitled “IDEALITY IN A BEAST’S TEACUP” with the purchase of both “Crowley Collection” tee shirts.

BMB’s writings are worth paying close attention to – a superficial reading may leave many of the gems within uncovered. ‘For those with eyes to see’ indeed!

Link: Imaginalus: The Imaginal Realm and Idea Emporium