News Briefs 14-07-2015

17 years posting the news, and nobody’s done a Turing test on me yet…

Quote of the Day:

Most of the intelligence out there must be artificial intelligence. We keep looking for critters like us living on a planet like ours, where in fact the majority of the intelligence out there is not biological. That would be my argument.

Seth Shostak

  1. Tiger
    The reason why there isn’t a more serious research into this creature is because of the timber industry in Australia. Steve Irwin found this out before he died and came to realize that any possible evidence testing was being blocked by officials with the timber industry. If the tiger is rediscovered then it’s habitat would have to be protected too thus no more trees being cut in those areas.

    This also happened with researchers studying the big black cats. They found that whenever they sent in DNA samples to prove it was a feline, the labs would come back and say it was dog or goat. To prove this they went to a zoo and collected fur from a real leopard and it came back as dog after testing. The scientists are being paid off to lie by big business so that they can keep cutting down trees. It sounds like a conspiracy theory but it’s seriously true and many people are starting to find this out.

    1. And the same probably
      And the same probably pertains to Bigfoot DNA testing. The prime BF habitat appears to be right smack in the middle of the big timber country of the Pacific NW.

      1. My ultimate Turing type test
        My ultimate Turing type test for AI becoming “conscious” at the human scale – can it have an NDE, and can it exhibit extrasensory powers.

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