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Alan Moore, As Seen Through the Eyes of a Stoned Skynet

Since Google decided to open-source their Deep Dream visualization tool, which was designed to help them understand how neural networks work in recognizing images through different ‘layers’ of appreciation, artists and programmers all over the world have been having a blast using it to create pictures worthy of a Hunter S. Thompson’s nightmare –like the one above, featuring renowned graphic-novel writer Alan Moore.

I’ve been thinking a lot about DeepDream lately, and what it could possibly mean. Is it a quirk of Google’s algorithms, or is it hinting at some fundamental aspect in the process of perception itself?

And, could it be related somehow to the UFO phenomenon aswell? I think it just might! I think in fact it’s the perfect example of what my friend and colleague Greg Bishop has been proposing for sometime, of how when we observe something completely outside of our normal frame of experience –say, a disc-shaped object in the sky, or a humanoid form on the ground– we unconsciously struggle to put inside one of our ‘mental boxes’.

When we finally make it fit, the end result might be an aberration from the original signal, shaped by the expectations and desires of the observer.

In any case, DeepDream should at least give us some comfort in thinking the Robot Apocalypse is gonna be groovier than we thought –and to stay away from the killer sentries, just hide behind a flock of chickens…



  1. Really creepy images . . .
    I feel a nightmare coming on.

    But, I agree this might shed light on how people interpret what they think they’ve seen and experienced, and could be far more valuable than any MUFON or NUFORC report.

    There is an as yet unknown external stimulus, which might be a purely natural phenomenon, that triggers UFO events . . . particularly the high strangeness cases. Since the trigger lies outside the witness’ experience, the brain can only make up stuff based on what it already knows or believes to explain the event. Greg Bishop is on the money, and I concur.

    I still firmly believe that the answer to the riddle of UFOs will come from a field totally unrelated to and disinterested in Ufology. Oh, and it will have nothing to do with alien bodies and crashed saucers.

    1. UFOlogy outside of UFOlogy
      Yeah, I concur. I suspect the answer to this mystery is much stranger than careless pro-bono space proctologists with poor driving skills 😉

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