News Briefs 04-05-2015

It’s a girl!

Thanks Tom Head.

Quote of the Day:

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.

John Cage

  1. mysterious lights
    Looks like a crane or scaffolding shrouded in evening fog. The lights are pulksing like the indicator lights to warn aircraft of a large obstacle. It looks way to human.

  2. Please debunk the NASA EM drive story
    The NASA EM drive that’s been going around the internet is pure internet/rumor/vaporware speculation at it’s “best” (in reality worst).
    That story comes from a forum whose only association with NASA is in the domain name. There has been no confirmation from NASA that they are testing, will test, or have successfully tested such a “propulsion drive” and the other “source” for this story is a single paper published in a Chinese journal. An experiment that has neither been peer reviewed or replicated and yet every science news organization is jumping on this story like its actually something that is real and has happened.
    I would like the Grail to do a little more digging into this spacefaring mirage and maybe be the first site to show some real science reporting in regards to this story.

    1. NASA EMdrive
      I agree. The NASA EM drive is not a ‘game changer’ at this stage of the at all. While worthy of mention, it isn’t as the media calls it ‘get us to the moon in 4 hours’. The latest information publicly available and verifiable state that this drive is just now capable of producing thrusts within the few hundreds of micro newtons. When compared with gravity at -9.9 N (roughly on 1Kg of mass), it will require a lot of additional work before even being able to provide significant thrust to escape the force of gravity for a single kilogram. Reactionless drives have been controversial for a long time.

      A working prototype of an Alcubierre drive might be such a breakthrough worthy of this praise, however EMdrive is almost as way off as the Alcubierre drive at the present time.

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