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Travis: The Definitive Documentary of the 1975 UFO Event

Thanks to the Robertson panel and the Condon report, by the 1970’s UFOs were no longer considered a story worthy to be covered by ‘serious’ newspapers, and thus were relegated to the supermarket tabloids. That suddenly changed in 1975, when the mysterious disappearance of a young logger by the name of Travis Walton, drew the attention of media outlets from all across the globe.

Their co-workers were suspected of murdering him, and accused of trying to cover the crime with a fantasy tale involving flying saucers and death rays. Then the case did a complete 180° when Travis reappeared, suffering the effects of physical and mental shock. His amazing account of interacting with non-human entities became one of the most famous UFO cases of all time, and was brought to the silver screen with a motion picture under the same title as the book he wrote —Fire in the Sky.

Unfortunately, Travis’ story suffered a lot of distortions under the Hollywood treatment, and many elements of his abduction were completely omitted –for instance, the fact that along with the short, big-headed aliens we’ve come to know as “the Grays,” Travis also came into contact with beings that looked completely human. The film’s producers were convinced no-one would bother to watch a movie about aliens if they weren’t portrayed as terrifying monsters; after all, if they zapped him and abducted him against this will, that means their intentions are evil… right?

Well, Travis himself is not so sure about that. His opinion about the events have shifted over the years, and now he’s convinced his abduction was his own fault after his reckless decision of coming too close to the UFO’s ‘energy field’.

“An accident happened and they didn’t want to leave me behind.”

Seeking to set the record straight, Filmmaker and MUFON state section director Jennifer Stein created a new documentary, in which he managed to gather the personal testimony of Travis and his old co-workers, along with several high-profile researchers like Richard Dolan, discussing the importance of this fascinating case. The film was premiered at the International UFO Congress last February, where it won 2 awards —Best UFO Film of the Year and People’s Choice Award— and it will be screened in several other venues in the United States, and also in Canada and Australia.

This year will also mark the 40th anniversary of Travis’ experience, which will be suitably commemorated at the Skyfire summit on November 5th, near the same location where the event happened in 1975. Prior to that He will also be a speaker at the Paradigm symposium in Minneapolis, where I myself will be thrilled to finally meet him in person.



  1. Travis Walton
    My favorite part of the documentary on this case comes when the guy giving the lie detector tests to all of the participants in the case closes his comments with the belief that they have all somehow managed to trick him with the “passing” of the tests. He just refuses to believe what the science has told him even though he is considered one of the hardest to deceive lie detector experts in the world.

    1. Lie detectors
      I must admit I have certain caveats with how much emphasis the lie detector tests were given on this case. Not because I don’t think they are important, but because the tests can’t really prove the event happened the way these men remember it; at best, it can prove they believe it happened.

      1. Yet all of them “believed”
        Yet all of them “believed” the same thing happened. That is a strong argument that it did happen. Had they inadvertently “coached” each other then it would have shown up on the test. That test administrator was specifically looking for that.

        You could of course argue the possibility that the entire experience was a projection placed into all their minds with no variation by beings with the capability of doing that, but the physical effects, traces, etc. make a compelling case for the whole thing being a physical event that unfolded in normal human time and space.

        1. The same thing happened
          We have to be very careful here. Even the late J. Allen Hynek said about the case that he preferred to divide it in 2 part: The 1st one being when Travis and the rest encountered the ‘craft’, how he got zapped and the other fled in terror thinking he was dead; that is the part in which all of them can agree on.

          Then there’s the 2nd, much more interesting part, in which only Travis was a participant. We could be incredibly cynic and conclude it was all a confabulation concocted in his mind –even though we’d still be hard-pressed to explain how in the hell he was able to elude all the people who were looking for him for 5 days, and the re-surface far away from where the experience initiated– but even if we acknowledge the man has NEVER deviated from the original story, and has never added anything else to it in order to ‘glamorize’ it*, we still lack any other corroborating evidence about whatever transpired during his absence, other than his testimony.

          Hynek concluded something happened to him, and I fully agree. There’s also other interesting ‘after-effects’ from the experience, like for example how Travis claims he’s never suffered a sick day in his life, and believes it is the result of what they did to him. There’s also the very interesting spike in creativity experienced by him and his buddy Mike, who was the artist behind the terrific illustrations in the Fire in the Sky book.

          Like I said, a fascinating case… even though after 40 years we still have so many unresolved questions.


          (*)With the possible exception of his recent rationalization of the experience –i.e. how he thinks ‘they’ were forced to take him due to the injuries he suffered. He has even wondered whether the ‘energy blast’ actually killed him, and was resuscitated by the UFOnauts inside the craft.

          1. Without Travis’s part it
            Without Travis’s part it would still rank up there in the UFO sightings – multiple witnesses to a large saucer beaming a light down and disappearing their friend. All given polygraph tests about what they saw and all passing. Had Travis disappeared never to be seen again it would all still be an outstanding sighting.

          2. Had Travis disappeared
            Who knows if his friends would have been successfully convicted of murder. It’s possible, despite the polygraph tests and the lacking evidence. It would have also been the first time a UFO was involved in a murder case, though I doubt the case would have gathered such notoriety.

          3. Flying Saucers


            December 7, 2010

            Werner von Braun was in Los Alamos, New Mexico around 1937 testing Tesla’s “saucer”-technology which then developed into a “wonder weapon”-program of the Nazi Germany.

            by Christian Soderberg

            The Daily Mail recently reported about “flying saucer”projects in Nazi Germany and Hitler’s plans to use these “wonder weapons” to attack England and USA.

            The article talks only about jet-propulsion “saucers”, but the Germans were also building real ‘anti-gravity’ saucers based on inventions of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

            UFOs or “flying saucers” are man-made, not “alien space ships”

            Following the wave of “UFO” sightings in early 1950’s, Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo (1875-1952), a scientist-engineer and a former Italian cabinet minister, who apparently personally worked in one of these German-Italian “flying saucer” projects in the 1940’s, was quoted in Italian and American newspapers saying:

            “There is nothing supernatural or Martian about flying discs, but they are simply rational application of recent technique. ..some great power is now launching discs to study them.”

            Stevens – Hitler’s Flying Saucers –
            A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War


          4. von Braun in Los Alamos
            Um, I don’t wanna sound like a debunker, but wasn’t he still in Germany in 1937?

            Also, the ‘Nazi Flying Saucers’ theory has always had one tiny flaw: The fact that they ended up losing the war.

            BTW Welcome to the Grail 😉

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