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Entertainment and the Paranormal: Video Chat with Steve Berg

There really is no business like show business. Not only does it dictate our tastes, drives our economy and fosters technological innovation, but it also influences our politics and even manages our perception and expectations with regards to what we call ‘paranormal’ phenomena.

These are some of the topics I wanted to discuss with our friend Steve Berg, a man who knows how the show business runs better than most because he happens to be part of it: A professional comedian and actor (The Good Place, Don’t Worry Darling, Drunk History, are just some of his credits), as well as producer and even co-director of the found-footage thriller Skinwalker Ranch (2013), a project which allowed him to mix his movie career with his life-long passion for all things spooky.

Steve has also recently released his own podcast, “Hi, Strangeness”, where he regularly explores with his guests all sorts of things that go bump in the night — as the name implies, the weirder the better! — and where we will undoubtedly continue our slightly deranged discussion that went all over the place, as all great conversations often do, in the (hopefully) not-so-distant future.

One of Steve’s great traits is his attitude to these topics – he loves immersing himself in the mystery, while at the same time having a lot of fun with it and not making it a fundamental belief system.

For better or worse, I’ve made the paranormal and high strangeness a lens I look at life through. And it’s a life of mystery and being okay with never knowing. And to me that has made me a much more curious person in life… I think without mystery, we cease to exist.

That’s the only point I can really discern out of all this stuff, is to make you think differently and have these thought experiments. Because to me, talking about mystery is so enriching. It really is.

Just a heads up: Greg was unfortunately unable to join us on this one due to personal agenda issues, so hopefully you won’t mind my occasional blunders while trying to keep the thread of the conversation as I tried to pilot the episode all by myself (also, be advised that if you don’t like your spooky mixed with a bit of political commentary on current affairs, you might want to skip this one out).

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