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Robbie Graham: UFOs, Hyperreality & the Disclosure Myth

Today I was planning on write about how Stephen Bassett & Michael Salla hope that another Clinton in the White House might just be what finally makes the trick to kickstart the whole UFO disclosure thang –the ‘exopolitical blue dress’ as Bassett put it; and don’t expect *me* to ‘splain that political reference…

But instead, I decided to share with you guys this video, recorded on early October of 2014 at the ‘UFOs and the Media’ conference organized by Exopolitics Denmark, in which my good bud Robbie Graham talks –among many other things– on why the UFO community should do well in turning the page on ‘Disclosure’; at least, the way Bassett, Salla and others envision it…

Robbie, for those of you who may not know it, is the man behind the highly recommended Silver Screen Saucers blog*. He holds a Masters degree with Distinction in Cinema Studies from the University of Bristol and a First Class Honours degree in Film, Television and Radio Studies from Staffordshire University; Robbie sought to combine his life-long interest in UFOs with his academic background, so what was originally intended to be his PhD thesis slowly transformed into a full book soon to be released (Sept 21, 2015) detailing the impact of the UFO/Extraterrestrial mythos in cinema, and how Hollywood’s influenced might have been used by intelligence agencies in order to shape our views and expectations of the phenomenon.



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(*) The blog has fallen into a hiatus in the last few months, on account of Robbie’s focus to finish the book and other personal reasons. However, there’s lots of good stuff in the archives for you to look around, including a couple of essays written by yours truly (1) (2).

  1. Dependency
    There is still this conditioned clamoring for the “government” to “make it right” so to speak vis a vis UFO’s, Bigfoot, etc., but how is it in these times of widespread distrust of alleged authority figures that we think the government will be of any utility at all? I don’t get it – if we can’t trust the “government” to give us true economic data, or revelations about false flag attacks in which some of its own agencies are complicit, then why is anyone putting any faith whatsoever in such an entity’s thoughts about UFO’s and Bigfoot?
    The nanny state is still alive and well.

    1. Putting faith in the Nanny State
      Exactly, you just hit the nail in the head with the political paradox embedded in the Exopolitical movement.

      IMO the erosion of the Nation-State as we currently know it is far more likely, than to see those states fully acknowledge the reality of the UFO phenomenon.

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