News Briefs 14-04-2015

Mama mia!

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Quote of the Day:

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.

Jim Morrison

  1. Japan
    This to me is concerning. Earthquakes release sound waves that could confuse a pod of cetaceans thus causing them to beach. It may already be too late as an earthquake out to sea may have already begun the domino effect. No, I don’t think humans will pay attention to is, they never do even if it’s been foretold before. Japan has plenty of ancient records relating to how when certain animals appear on the beach it means an earthquake.

  2. Vatican
    They have more to be concerned with from the internet than Hollywood or books that have been on the shelves for over 10 years. Youtube is filled with “ritual pastas” and stupid kids trying to do them. Occult is not a bad thing if you only read it and this is not the first century that vampires have been romanticized. Plus the majority of people on earth are not crazy Twilight fans, a movie by the way that ended like 2 years ago and so did True Blood. Meanwhile we have 2 girls who tried to kill a classmate because of internet creation Slenderman. So yeah….priorities.

    1. Its curious to me how many
      Its curious to me how many vampire shows there are currently running in my “silver” DirecTV package. I mean, the ones I have briefly sampled seem quite lame and they all repeat the same theatrical formulas. Perhaps the angst that young people feel in the face of more limited career options and advancement makes them lust for even more than usual the promises of occult power and domination.

      1. Probably true
        It’s all about rebellion in some ways, if that’s what they want to make it. I don’t see the appeal and have never enjoyed those series myself. I don’t like movies or series or even books that to me are nothing more than poorly written fan fiction. Granted yes their creators make tons of money, but still…fan fiction.

    1. yes he is
      but i found is approach more refreshing than a band of backwoods hicks go after the animal with guns a blazing. Les’s approach is “I am not a believer nor a skeptic, but over the years I’ve experienced some weird things I can’t explain away with logic so I’m going to see if this dog has any bite to it.” Usually with shows like Finding Bigfoot from Animal Planet, you get a group of stereotypical so called “researchers” that do the same thing every episode. There’s the guy who believes no matter what and every branch snapping is a sign, the “paid-to-be” the skeptic who wouldn’t believe the sky was blue that becomes the “negative Nancy” of the crew, the biologist or self proclaimed cryptozoologist that lives in a van filled with crazy equipment he built back in college, and some guy named Tim. At least with Survivorman he spends the first 2 episodes so far explaining away what the Bigfoot researchers say is a sign, yet at the same time going by Native American beliefs and taking their word for it. Every interview so far has been a local of the area who has seen something and they are all rational folk. Les is approaching this the way I would. No flashy equipment or crew (albeit one camera guy with him who helps him carry the bear maise) just him, the wilderness, and the viewers at home. I actually enjoy this Bigfoot series, usually I find them the same cookie cutter show as every other one about the big ape.

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