News Briefs 10-03-2015

There’s a feeling I get, when I look to the west…

Quote of the Day:

Science has enjoyed an extraordinary success because it has such a limited and narrow realm in which to focus its efforts. Namely, the physical universe.

Ken Jenkins

  1. Flood Fascination
    Apparently the author of the article has never heard of Post-Glacial Rebound, which also impacted England:

    The major impact of Post-Glacial Rebound was on the Atlantic Ridge. During the last Ice Age much more land along the Atlantic Ridge would have been dry, not only due to lower sea levels, but due to lifting of the entire ridge caused by extreme glaciation of North America (and of Europe on the other side). When the glaciers broke up, sea levels rose dramatically and the Atlantic Ridge literally sank. No one seems to account for that when assessing the feasibility of Plato’s “Lost Continent” of Atlantis.

  2. Icke
    Even reading an article about him, I get nauseous. I don’t know why, but he is so repulsive to me to the point my body seems to be sensing there something isn’t right about him. Maybe one day I’ll be proven right.

  3. news
    Booth’s buddy: Well that explains a lot 😛

    Ooze: I don’t understand how often archeologists don’t understand basic biology. Higher temps means more bacteria. Ask anyone who has ever macerated a skull and they would tell you. And before you ask…yes I have.

    Lighthouse: Seriously?! His name is Robert Langdon! Man he has to go through a lot of shit now doesn’t he? This has completely distracted me from the article.

  4. Silbury Hill – a lighthouse?
    Why build a hill to put a lighthouse on when the hills either side are higher?

    Obviously the ancients had their reasons for building Silbury Hill, but this is not one of them!

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