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News Briefs 09-03-2015

You get the feeling that Islamic State militants are just attention-seeking brats who have mummy issues?

Thanks to @anomalistnews, @djp1974, and @tobadzistsini.

Quote of the Day:

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.

Aldous Huxley

  1. “Truth Ranking” of Web Sites
    A “Trust/Truth Ranking” by the search engines would definitely bury all “Truth Movement” sites! Not that I care. I get thousands upon thousands of visits to my site every month, but almost no useful interaction. Personally, I would prefer that the search engines weed out those that aren’t genuinely looking for esoteric interpretations.

    Based upon the keywords that are used to access my site (and the time spent there), it is obvious that the site is just being mined for info like a Wiki. The surfer comes in, reads only the snippet they are fixated upon, and then immediately leaves the site.

  2. Horse Consciousness
    There was a recent episode of Nature on PBS that showed how the Lipizzaner horses are trained.

    The trainers explained that they have tried to trick the horses into thinking that they are in a performance (when they are in fact just in a training session). However, the horses aren’t fooled. They always know when they are in an actual performance.

  3. animals
    The problem that has arisen on the internet of late is not whether animals have consciousness, but whether you (I) care more about animals than man. My answer is: yes, I care more about animals than the majority of people who are ignorant enough to consider that question. We live in the 21st century. The argument about using animals in medical research is an ongoing question. I am an animal lover. I have “pets” who I care for dearly. Do I care about them more than you, yes. I eat meat and I am against testing on animals, especially when it’s chimps, dogs, cats, horses, etc. That being said, the rats in particular are not bred for anything other than being experiments. They have short lives, are more susceptible to disease and have a messed up existance to begin with. Just as with cattle, if we were going to stop using them for their preconceived purpose, the most humane thing would be to kill them because the world couldn’t support their population. That being said, I do believe they have a consciousness and can feel pain. To think animals can’t feel pain is just ignorance of biology. If you have a nervous system, you can feel pain. Any vet will tell you if you pinch a dogs paw it pulls it away because it feels a pinch and tries to get sway from it, they use that to test dogs with neurologic disorders. People who don’t believe animals have a consciousness and have the mindset of Descartes have never had to watch their beloved animal’s life slowly melt from their eyes as they die from cancer.

    Maybe we should start asking a different question: Do animals give us a consciousness? I believe that long ago when humans were still new that we didn’t just draw animals on a cave wall, we learned how to “be.” We are in their image. Working with animals shows you that they gave humanity the mindset to grow and develop their own consciousness. For example, when an autistic child won’t speak to humans but will with animals. Temple Grandin was a big supporter of this theory. Autism here not being a disability, but a window into the past and how humans ate supposed to be with animals. Animals can open channels to the mind that are locked by misconceptions. If everyone could work with animals I believe it would open their minds beyond. I know hunters who stopped hunting after working with pumas in wildlife centers. So don’t ask whether I prefer animals to humans until you have proven you can earn my respect. Do not join PETA before you understand all the problems they’ve caused. Don’t just love animals, become animal in mind. Animals have taught me more than any school ever could. Parents, teach you children to love animals early so they know what open-mindedness is. It is they who give us a consciousness, not humans who must decide if they [the animals] have them.

    1. Google’s Ministry of Truth

      ‘The new Google program is going to double down. It’s going to set up its own Ministry of Truth. It’s going to standardize algorithms that unerringly bring about officially favored lies.”

      This is probably how the Globalists and their assorted minions are going to “take control” of the internet. It is far easier to just threaten and intimidate the search engine providers rather than overtly censor the net. The owned network news outlets are clearly losing out to the internet news organs which are vastly more eclectic, so something “must be done.”

      It was astonishing to see the article cited in TDG asserting that it was the “anti-science advocates” raising a hue and cry. That sounds like something Monsanto would say. In fact, the biggest losers in the new Google paradigm would be the people who would challenge bogus science being perpetrated by large corporations whose science departments have been overruled by the bottom line.

      1. Minority Reports
        Good points. However, I’m not sure how much of a threat that the Internet is perceived to be. Agendas are being pushed through regardless of any Internet opposition that’s out there. We have freedom of speech, just not the power to be heard (by the herd)!

        If I’m looking for something on the web I’ll often sort through a dozen or even more pages of Google returns. I regularly find valuable sites that are ranked quite low by Google. So, I’m not sure how much the change in ranking would actually effect my own ability to find things of interest – unless the search engines totally blackball alternative sites. I would like to attract more quality hits, but it may be that search engines are not the vehicle to achieve that anyway. Genuine esoteric sites are essentially self-censored!

  4. things you can’t explain
    I have had a lot of strange things happen to me that I can’t explain and to professors and close friends. I consider myself an “open minded scientific” who thinks about the logical side first but is always open to the unknown. That all being said, I think a spark happened between the bicycle lights and something else in her bag causing them to nearly set her back on fire. I don’t think it was her own energy. It takes years of training, a born in ability, or getting struck by lightning to have that much focused energy to fry stuff. If it was the adept or Spirit that did it, I would make him buy me new lights because I am an asshole 😛

  5. When Reductionist Materialism Becomes a Pathology
    I can’t shake this gut-level feeling that many of the folks who seriously question the existence of consciousness in animals are also the same folks who champion downloading the human mind onto computer chips, and other surreal goals of A.I.

  6. Bulldozing Nimrud
    I am shocked an appalled, but not so much at these idiots trashing their own treasures so much as at the near universal outrage over these acts when no one ever bothers to ask what we ourselves had trodden to dust in Dresden, in Berlin, in Tokyo or Hiroshima or countless sites that simply “got in our way” — at least ISIS has some ideological reason to smash their wares! In our case, we just liked to watch stuff burn.

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