News Briefs 30-01-2015

“Reason is immortal, all else mortal.”

Quote of the Day:

“Let no one persuade you by word or deed to do or say whatever is not best for you.”


  1. UTA – Evidence?
    On ‘unconscious-thought advantage’ (UTA), the study may have found no evidence for it, however real life experience has proven it to me, and many others. One simple example are our dreams, which if analyzed give us so much information and answers on our health, our emotional issues and even prophetic predictions. They make multi-layered connections answering several problems at once that our conscious mind would strain to replicate. Our unconscious mind is genius in its speed and eclectic analytical ability in comparison to our lumbering sequential conscious mind.

    Another example for me, is my intentional programming of my unconscious mind to improve my reflexes, i.e. to stop the conscious delay of responding to a falling objects. Over months and now years I repeatedly instructed my unconscious to have instant and perfect reflexes, and my reflexes responded accordingly. When needed they now react instantly without conscious awareness nor delay.

    Other examples are geniuses across all fields like Nikola Tesla and others who are struck by inspiration, visions, etc… in math, science, music… Tesla said as a child calculus solutions appeared in the air before him like a hologram as the problems were being given…

    Our unconscious is amazing and programmable, but far too often we feed our unconscious mind with negative self talk that undermines us in many ways… Just because science has not yet figured out how to study the effects of our unconscious mind, does not negate their existence. Rather it begs for further open-minded research.

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