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New Full-Length Graham Hancock Video on the Upcoming ‘Magician of the Gods’

As we’ve mentioned previously, our good friend Graham Hancock is working on a new book, Magicians of the Gods, the sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods, to be published in late 2015 or early 2016. This video of a presentation Graham gave at Saint James’s Church, Piccadilly in 2014 reviews some of the key findings in ‘Fingerprints’ and shares some of the new evidence of the lost civilisation that will go into ‘Magicians’. (Graham also gives a short introduction to the video lecture pointing out some of the extra research he’s done since this talk was given)


  1. A New Set of Fingerprints
    Thanks Greg, that was quite a treat.

    The remote past was such a bizarre mix of advanced and primitive expressions. On the one hand, ancient structures reveal an obsession with cosmology and precise measurement/positioning. On the other hand, the gods are represented in ghetto fabulous fashion, such as the ripped “metro-sexual” Oannes with his chic fish hoody and designer “man bag.” These gods, who are of obvious extra-terrestrial (“as above, so below”) origin, imprinted mankind with the basic fundamentals of the cosmos, but were averse to permitting mankind to reach the level of a true cosmic partner. Until today, at least. But why the sudden change in policy? That, to me, is the grand question, and one that inspires a great deal of excitement as well as apprehension.

    I’m currently exploring the idea that the Earth is in fact under “new management.” The ET’s (directly or indirectly) behind the building of the Pyramids and Sphinx can be identified as the celestial “Lion of Judah” (Ursa Minor) race. The cosmological Book of Genesis leaves us with the final thought that “the birthright shall not pass from Judah until Shiloh comes.” Shiloh seems to be associated with “Joseph” and the constellation of Bootes, the “Good Shepherd” (Gen 49:24). At some point, the Ursa Minor contingent was required to stand down and defer to the Bootes contingent and their timetable of events for mankind, which is their proud creation. (Recall that in myth it was Khnum/Ptah, a Joseph-figure, that was credited with the fashioning of mankind upon his potter’s wheel.)

    Hang on, it could be a wild ride!

  2. Hancock and the Ancient Alien Hypothesis
    Graham dances around the subject of the Ancient Alien Theory. I do agree with him that many impressive structures from the ancient world could have been made by the extraordinary efforts of humans alone.

    Nevertheless, there’s no getting around an alien visitation of some kind in our past, if not also more recently and even in the present.

    Here’s a blog that reveals an ancient map of alien civilizations in our galaxy. It’s a whole new (and very old) way of appreciating just how widely distributed intelligent life has become.

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