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Love Letters to Richard Dawkins

There’s plenty I don’t agree with Richard Dawkins on, but I’ve never felt moved to write him an abusive email. Plenty of others have though – and when you combine nasty insults and threats written by self-proclaimed ‘religious’ people with Dawkins’s clean, crisp English accent, the result is rather hilarious. (NSFW language warning)

  1. Hello nasty
    Just curious, Greg old boy: Have YOU yourself ever received nasty correspondence from people who don’t particularly agree with your ‘anti-science’ woo? 😉

  2. “Self-proclaimed”
    LMAO some hardcore trolling on his emails there XD

    He basically just summed up the comment section of Reddit. The problem is when you think about it, it’s actually pretty sad. Even if people don’t mean it and are just trying to get on his Love Letters, these are all very hurtful comments. There are the extreme religious people and then there are the people claiming to be atheist who are also extreme. Each side insulting each other terribly online yet if they passed each other on the street probably would get along just fine. We should really stop using words like faggot and gay to describe something stupid or a person. There are plenty of atheists and religious people out there who don’t try to convert people or spread their self-righteousness all over the place. Ignorant comments like this just makes humanity look bad. While I don’t agree with much of Dawkins’ theory, it’s nice to see him take the trolls in stride.

    1. Dawkins’ trolls
      And of course, here’s just a selected group of hate-mail, probably chosen due to their particular lack of depth, grammar, and obsession with homophobic references. I wonder how many well-written, well-thought, deep and poignant letters he also receives from his more literate critics –you know, the ones who don’t use ‘beeyatch’ in their sentences?

      1. well-written
        The nice letters don’t get as many views on Youtube 😛

        Sometimes I just read the comment sections under videos to see how many dumbasses post unrelated comments. I would hope Dawkins doesn’t get these as a majority, but since he is now making the bad ones public in these Love Letters videos, people may purposely spam him just to see if they can get in the video.

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