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Here at The Daily Grail we certainly don’t measure the worth of a story by its popularity (the world has enough clickbait rubbish without us adding to it). But given we don’t go out of our way to entice readers to our articles – apart from simply trying to write something interesting – the popularity of each post does provide one rough way of picking out a segment of ‘good reads’ for an end of year summary (from the 600+ posts in total over the course of 2014). So over the next two days, without claiming the placing reflects the worth of any particular post, I’ll post the top 50 most popular stories on The Daily Grail this year, so readers can catch up on some fascinating posts they might have missed. Today, here’s #50 down to #26:

  1. ‘The Slenderman’ Blamed for the Attempted Murder of a 12-Year-Old-Girl
  2. Waking Up to the Devil in Your Room
  3. Leading Skeptic Brian Dunning Sentenced to 15 Months Prison for Fraud
  4. Review: Interstellar
  5. Australian UFOs, More Than 100 Years Ago
  6. New Research Suggests Autistic Savants May Have Enhanced Telepathic Abilities
  7. Consecration of the Host – You Are Legion, For You Are Many
  8. Can Science See Spirits?
  9. Is Precognition Real? Positive Replications of Daryl Bem’s Controversial Findings
  10. Retrocausality: Physicists Ponder Whether the Future Can Influence the Past
  11. Return to Life – The Reincarnation Research of Dr Jim Tucker
  12. Bring Out Your Bigfoot: How ‘Science’ is Failing at Educating the Public
  13. Graham Hancock, Live
  14. Did the Great Sphinx of Egypt Originally Have a Different Head?
  15. Scientists Call For Open, Informed Study of Psi Effects and Consciousness
  16. Mars Rover Sees a Light on the Horizon
  17. “Not Fit to Be Printed”: The Suppressed Alchemical Papers of the Great Scientist Sir Isaac Newton
  18. Are We All Persons of Interest?
  19. Pulling The Cosmic Trigger – The Kazimier, Liverpool, UK, 23 February 2014
  20. What the Dying Know
  21. The Mystery of the Blinking Mummy
  22. Dream Telepathy Research Reborn
  23. Graham Hancock: “New Archaeological Discoveries Uncover The Mysteries Of A Lost Civilisation”
  24. Total Death Experiences
  25. The Art of Dying: Beatles Guitarist George Harrison ‘Lit Up the Room’ When He Died

Tomorrow, #25 to #1!