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Passport to Magonia

New Edition of Jacques Vallee’s Classic Book on UFOs and Fairy Folklore, ‘Passport to Magonia’

One of the most influential and famous books on the UFO phenomenon, Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers, has long been out of print. Most true Forteans would know this because, like me, if they’ve wanted a copy in the internet age they’ve probably had to fork out exorbitant sums for a second-hand copy.

Well, if you’ve been holding off getting a copy of this must-have book for any serious UFO buff, I’ve got good news! Today, Daily Grail Publishing has released a reprint of this classic book – both in paperback and hardcover. You can find it at most online bookstores, but I’ve added handy links to Amazon below if you want to get an early start on your Xmas shopping:

The book has not been revised at all – we decided that the book should be released ‘as is’ (apart from the addition of a new Foreword from Jacques), as the seminal historic work in ufology that it was (and still is). For anyone wanting more up-to-date commentary about the topic, be sure to grab Jacques’ books Dimensions and Wonders in the Sky.

For a number of years, since publishing Messengers of Deception, I’ve had many, many readers asking me to convince Jacques to republish Passport to Magonia. I’m excited and proud to bring that to you today.

And for those that will no doubt ask: the gorgeous cover image is by Chris ‘Isoban’ Butler.

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