News Briefs 28-10-2014

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Quote of the Day:

You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.

John Mason

  1. Quantum Mechanics and Biology
    Now this is S&T writing at its best!

    Enzymes use “teleportation”? Bird navigation uses “tunneling”? Photosynthesis makes use of a quantum “MIMO router”? Holy quantum hyperlink, Batman!

    Surely the “error in our equations” that Ben Rich referred to was in regard to quantum mechanics and not Maxwell’s equations.

  2. Extra Paprika, Please. Hold the Curry.
    Gnosticism permeates the Bible. There are lots of little hints that certain things you thought were good are actually evil, and other things considered evil are actually good. Gnostics had a very different view of Satan (Set/Seth), who is often demonized in the Bible, but also subtly redeemed under the alias of (Gnostic) Seth. In other words, there is a “Minority Report” element to the Bible. It didn’t exclude non-orthodox philosophies, at least for those who had eyes to see.

    The Gnostic Mary Magdalene:;id=3030

    The Gnostic Paul (1975) by Elaine Pagels:

  3. curry…with a side of beef 😛
    I know it seems shocking but I feel kind of sorry for the guys who dug up the bodies. Would I want some guy coming to eat my family member from out of the grave, NO, but they must have been pretty desperate. I doubt they have access to clean water let alone fresh food, even meat. And the prisons there are super brutal. Human bodies, even when cooked, are filled with disease and you risk tuberculosis and other serious illness. I just can’t bash these guys when I can see what they go through isn’t all sunshine and lollipops.

    1. Spaced Out
      I loved the India Space Madness article – it’s implication was that the Superpowers too have their priorities mixed up. With a 6th of the US population living below the poverty level and half of the population hanging by a thread, it has always been difficult for me to accept the enormous expenditures of space exploration. Sure, space is a tempting fruit, but how about we start regarding the screwed up economic structure as “space” too? Certainly, for all the people stuck in poverty the real “frontier” is not outer space, but the space right here, right now on planet earth.

      1. Th Precautionary Principle
        The “widespread damage” is not speculative – it has already manifested as a plague of food allergies in the general population being exposed to GMO’s.

        1. GMO, Tales from the Cryptids
          Did you see the South Park episode about the “Food Pyramid”. Instant classic! I suspect most of our food allergies are due to wrong diet choices than GMO, i.e., grains should be on the top of the pyramid rather than the bottom. That said, GMO is a menace and on so many levels. Reduction in biodiversity is just one concern, and probably one of the lesser concerns, actually. One thing that ET seems to understand (and we don’t) is that you don’t screw with nature too much. Little tweaks are preferred.

        2. Food allergies, autism, etc.
          Given that these are on the rise in developed societies, where parenthood is delayed often until approaching middle age (for women and men – first babies at age 40 and over are becoming more common), I believe a large percentage of these problems are the result of delaying reproduction until long past the biological prime for doing so.

          It’s just not at all politically correct to say that out loud (even in the medical community) so blame is placed on external factors rather than recognizing and acknowledging that the optimal biological time for parenthood (to ensure a normal, healthy, functional offspring) is in the late teens and early twenties. Delaying parenthood until a successful career is established is playing reproductive Russian roulette with the health of the children.

      2. Is the Space Race Dead?
        A recent NASA contract award related to the Space Station was protested by a company that claims that their proposal would save $900M (almost the total amount spent by India on their entire space program) relative to the winning proposal for equivalent capability:

        Yet, isn’t all this debate now OBE in light of what the US black programs are doing? Is this the real reason NASA is privatizing the space program? Unless Russia and China (and India) have found the “error in the equations”, shouldn’t they all (including NASA) stop wasting money on space programs?

    2. Space Balls
      No question that the US Space Program has suffered from poor decisions and priorities in recent years/decades. NASA became “risk averse” like so much of the rest of the country. Progress happens when you “go for it.” I’d say the early Space Program resulted in a huge payoff in terms of technology and economic stimulation. Now that it is being privatized the jury is still out as to whether innovation will increase again and lead to valuable spin-offs.

      But to make a link between space exploration and poverty is unfair. That kind of thinking keeps the world in a Dark Age. Attempts to attack poverty directly have been largely unsuccessful – President Johnson’s “Great Society” platform comes to mind. Everyone (who is stuntin’) needs a safety net, but society is best served by creating opportunities rather than too many hand-outs. The situation in India is quite different than the US. Yet, the subject article is written from the perspective of what’s good for the World Bank rather than what is good for India. We should be able to see through that type of blatant propaganda!

      1. Just for starters in the US
        Just for starters in the US the education system is in dire need of monies now spent on the the military/industrial complex which includes NASA. Consider too the parlous state of the country’s infrastructure – bridges, roads, etc. How can such programs possibly be going a’begging in so called “advanced countries.” It is shameful. Most shameful of all, the single greatest contributor to the bloated military/industrial complex was 9/11 – a false flag attack. This entire misadventure was caused by a deception.

        Let’s get even more PO’d about this stuff. Consider the secret chemtrail project which is a trillions dollar project world wide – an immense fleet of military tankers aloft on any given day over wide swaths of the planet, and they won’t even admit to that one. A significant portion of planetary GDP is stuff like this – these are not small numbers. “A trillion here, a trillion there – pretty soon we are talking real money” to paraphrase and update the old expression.

        1. The Other Space Program
          I’ve been spending way more time this year thinking about ancient India than the modern one, as you will gather from the blog I just posted on Alexander the Great. I discovered that it was actually Alexander’s (Maurya) dynasty in India that tried to abolish the caste system.

          Anyway, I agree that India’s Space Program pales in comparison to the trillions the US spends with little or no accountability and reporting. Where is the “unrest” that this practice should engender? The US black programs are obviously the future. Personally, I wish I could be involved in all this secret high-tech stuff. My life would probably feel a lot more significant. Instead, I research historical/Grail topics that nobody cares about, even at TDG, haha.

          My impression of the new MUFON director is that he is a “team player” from the corporate world (IBM) and not one to be confrontational with the establishment. Not sure if that helps or hurts any potential for the awaited (or dead) Disclosure. If the Gov’t controllers can get away with 9-11, they obviously can do anything, so I’m not looking for answers any time soon. The fact that UFO programming on TV is not being suppressed is at least a sign that we are heading in the general direction of some disclosure. Until then I just keep paying my taxes like everyone else. I get all the education I need from the Internet, and rarely travel more than a few miles from my house. So, if chemtrails/contrails (rather than highways) are necessary to stave off runaway climate change, then I suppose there is no other choice but to accept that. In the face of a looming global catastrophe, everyday worries just fade away.

          1. The crux of our current
            The crux of our current dilemma – vast treasure is being spent on stuff of which we are unaware. It just keeps getting more and more out of hand. I have the most admiration for countries like Germany who seem to have their fiscal priorities in much better shape.

          2. Ready for Lift-Off
            Hey, don’t forget about India – they’re getting a lotta bang for their space buck, haha. I hear what you’re saying Longbo, but it looks like America is not our own and probably never will be again. We’ve entered a new level of development as a species and democracy isn’t a factor now. Wonder if there are any instructions on the web for contracting Gnosticism or Stockholm Syndrome?

          3. I am not against space
            I am not against space exploration per se – it is probably a crucial part of human imagination and drive – I just think that at this time it should shunted to a back burner while we try to figure out a way to uphold the planet’s ecosystem and economic structure.

  4. Space Madness
    Unbelievably bigoted, hypocritical article! It’s ok for the US, Russia and China to compete technologically, but not India? What does a Space Program have to do with how many people defecate in public? If India stops pursuing technology, will that lead to more public restrooms? Likely just the opposite.

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