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Darklore Volume 8

Free Sample Articles from Darklore Volume 8

Firstly, just a quick heads-up that the Grail is understaffed for the next few days, so updates to the site may be a little sporadic until the weekend. If that leaves you a bit short on reading material, don’t fret: I’ve made three full sample articles from the newly released Volume 8 of our anthology series Darklore available to download (as PDFs) from the Darklore website, absolutely free. Those three join 21 other sample articles available – so if you’re new to the Darklore series, you’ve got plenty of fascinating material to read through!

The three sample articles are:

  • Martin Shough’s fantastic article on the ball lightning enigma, with a discussion of the way science has approached the mystery, as compared to the UFO phenomenon
  • Cat Vincent’s intelligent examination of the rise of pop culture-based, hyper-real religions.
  • My piece on the phenomenon of the ‘dying light’ witnessed by some people at the time of a loved one’s passing.

Of course, if the articles whet your appetite, it helps us out a whole lot more if you purchase a copy of Darklore, allowing us to continue making new volumes. It’s available from any number of online book retailers, but for simplicity’s sake, here’s the links to Amazon:

We appreciate your support of the Darklore series – it helps to fund this website, and also provides financial support for contributors so that they can continue researching and writing about the stranger side of life.

Link: Darklore sample articles

Link: Darklore Volume 8 at Amazon US

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