News Briefs 23-09-2014

Sunrise at Stonehenge on the equinox….

Quote of the Day:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.


    1. The Surveillance State
      I predict that the Surveillance State will eventually suffer a nervous breakdown. When it begins to feed upon itself – which is inevitable – then it will collapse in on itself and grow completely lost in a hall of mirrors.

      Facebook’s content bias is already well known by the way. They are notorious for wiping accounts that dare to implicate Israeli operatives in false flag ops like 9/11. Facebook tags that a “hate crime” and removes the account. However, you can talk freely about any other criminal group.

  1. why do we sleep?
    Me: Cuz I’m tired…*grumbles*

    Scientist: But why are you tired?

    Me: Because I work a dead end job and have a boss that drives me up a wall daily…*grumbles*


    Me: *grumbles*

    Scientist: So why do YOU sleep?

    Me:………*grumbles*…… escape.

    Our “inner selves” put us to sleep every night so we may escape the realm we are part of in our physical bodies. I strongly believe it true. Since I was a child when I sleep especially on difficult days I dream of a world that is 95% like this one. A parallel dimension if you will, of which I enjoy being there. One day I may decide not to come back…sorry if that’s depressing.

    1. Moon Landing Hoax and Kubrick
      I never paid much attention to the actual imagery that was supposed to indicate a hoax, but we still have the mysterious hints that film maker Kubrick left in the film “The Shining” which indicate the first landing was hoaxed. The analysis by Jay Weidner remains very convincing. There are just too many obvious clues that all hang together.

      So, my point of departure on this topic is always The Shining. If none of the landings were studio hoaxed – not even the first landing – then what was Kubrick up to in the film? Why would he be committing such a spoof? Was he just having fun with us? It is a very good question.

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