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News Briefs 15-09-2014

I wonder if Justice Sotomayor’s view of the current situation would change if she could read her own NSA file?

A big thanks to Greg, Grailseeker, and RedPillJunkie for their help.

Quote of the Day:

To your first earth, ascend, to the place from which you were transplanted, to the fine abode of the uthras. Bestir yourself, put on your garment of radiance and put on your resplendent wreath. Sit on your throne of radiance, which the Life set up for you in the Place of Light. Rise up, inhabit the skinas, among the uthras, your brothers.

A bit of Gnostic cosmology that seems to imply that the Uthras are scouts or representatives from the Mandaeans’ true, heavenly home.

  1. New Zealand Too?
    The NZ surveillance story reminds me of all the people who moved there thinking it would be a last redoubt against the onslaughts of the modern world. The Simmons, for instance, who founded Heaven and Earth Jewelry moved most of their large business from Vermont to NZ to get away from what they perceived to be an increasingly nazified USA.
    My favorite theory about why the USA is trying to pick a fight with Russia is that they want to get their hands on Snowden.

    1. The Mandaean Poets
      Very good poetry.

      “Life knotted for me a noose and built for me a ship that fades not,—a ship whose wings are of glory, that sails along as in flight, and from it the wings will not be torn off. ‘Tis a well-furnished ship and sails on in the heart of the heaven.

      Its ropes are ropes of glory and a rudder of Truth is there to it. Sunday takes hold of the pole, Life’s Son seized the rudder. They draw thither to the shekīnahs and dispense Light among the treasures. Thrones in them they set up, and long drawn out come the Jordans upon them.

      On the bow are set lamps that in the wildest of tempests are not put out. All ships that sight me, make obeisance submissively to me. Submissively they make me obeisance and come to show their devotion unto me.”

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