News Briefs 29-08-2014

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Quote of the Day:

All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value.

Carl Sagan

  1. Dawkins and Down Syndrome
    Well, Dawkins is partially right(I know, shocking I would say this right?) because there are many parents who after finding out there child may have a form of mental disability seek abortion NOT because they think their child would lack of happiness but because the medical funds would be impossible for them to pay. I know it sounds selfish but think about it in a natural term. Humans are the only animal that doesn’t reject offspring that has something wrong with it. If a dog pushes away a pup, it’s usually because the mother dog can sense there is something wrong, and to expend energy taking care of a pup that would die anyway makes no sense. I believe this is what Dawkins is trying to convey even though it comes off offensive. But yes we must think of the quality of life for the child. I live up the road from a kind of “halfway house” facility where people drop off their children (actually many are adults) who have severe mental disabilities especially Down Syndrome because they either can’t afford to care for them or they don’t want to take care of them. Now ask yourself, would those people be better off dead, knowing that no body comes to visit them or love them other than the caretakers at the facility. It still happens in this modern world and I personally don’t think it’s fair for a person to live with no love. That being said, if someone with a disability is in a loving nurturing environment surrounded by things and people that make them happy, of course they should be alive! If only everyone thought that way. You know what I think Dawkins needs…I think he needs a dog.

  2. Salamanders
    Salamanders actually try to be fire proof…or rather they produce a sort of “sun block.” They extract ti from glands and it can protect them to a point. The reason salamanders looked like they came out of the fire is because of their dwelling habits. Salamanders seek moist logs and brush to hide in. If a log looks dry on the outside it is likely still moist inside where the salamander hides until the next rain. It can not let it’s skin dry out because it actually “breathes” through it’s skin. So the glandular excretion helps coat it’s body and keep it from drying gout but also can protect it from fire for a short time until it can scoot out of danger. So when the alchemist brought home a pile of logs to add to his fire, the salamanders poured out from the log trying to escape the inferno. Salamanders are also a form of fire elemental in myth and alchemy.

  3. Fear can be profitable
    Climate change may disrupt global food system within a decade, World Bank says.

    Hmmm… wouldn’t that be kind of like Monsanto saying that they have the patent to rolled coins?

  4. Some couple of years ago
    Some couple of years ago there was a show on TV about various mysteries that I thought had laid to rest the sailing stones phenomenon. It alleged that when the unusual mud of the bearing flat became wet it became some kind of superslick surface that allowed the rocks to be nudged by wind.

    1. You are right
      This is not the first time the theory was put forth but I think this is the first time it was backed up by actual video. In the past, if I recall, Death Valley was too hot for cameras to work in the area but with improved technology we can now see how it works. I remember seeing that show too but I don’t remember what it was called.

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