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All Hail Breaks Loose in Siberia! (VIDEO)

It’s like something out of The Day After Tomorrow: The video below captures how a group of terrified beach-goers in Novosibirsk, Siberia, are trying to flee from a sudden hail storm which completely disrupted a perfect summer day of 99°F (37°C)(!).

Siberia is known the world over for its ice – but hailstorms of this intensity are rare in summer, when temperatures are similar to Mediterranean resorts.

Towels, beach mats and personal possessions were sent flying by heavy winds as the hailstones pummelled bathers and the beach.

‘If we die, I love you,’ a female voice is heard saying on dramatic video footage of the deluge.

блин природа вы страшно! (That’s Russian for ‘Damn Nature you scary!’)

Link: Freak hail storm hits Siberian beach in mid-summer – extraordinary pictures

(H/T Sploid & Geekologie)

  1. that is bad
    but not unusual. 99°F in Siberia, now that’s unusual! LOL
    Texas and the Midwest of the US have this happen pretty much every day in the summer and there is even similar weather happening about an hours drive North of me right now.

    More like “God dammit Nature, this is my one day off all summer, why’d you have to fuck it up?!”

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