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Volume 5 of The Heretic Magazine is now available for sale, and returns with another stellar line-up of material from the likes of Robert Bauval, Chris Ogilvie-Herald, Ralph Ellis, Robert Eisenman, and…me!

Our current edition contains over 15 fascinating articles written by a variety of cross disciplinary experts and subject area enthusiasts in the fields of Alternative History, Lost Civilisations and Technologies, Mysteries and Conundrums, Rennes-le-Château, the Occult, Politics, Science and more. No magazine offers more specialized esoteric content than The Heretic.

Edited and collated by Andrew Gough, Volume 5 features (alphabetically) Robert Bauval, Dawn Bramadat, Duncan Burden, Patrice Chaplin, Robert Eisenman, Ralph Ellis, Lorraine Evans, Robert Feather, Brien Foerster, Andrew Gough, Chris Ogilvie-Herald, Mark Oxbrow, Graham Phillips, Ian Robertson, Freddy Silva and Greg Taylor. Once again we have compiled a stellar collection of thought-provoking articles and features. See a full list of the content inside Volume 5.

The Heretic is available in two digital formats: firstly as a multi-touch iBook for iPad and secondly as a Kindle edition. The two versions are very different and the richest experience will be gained from the iPad version, but the Kindle edition is there for those readers who own a Kindle but not an iPad.

Here’s editor Andrew Gough introducing the latest edition:

The Heretic’s website has direct links for purchasing the magazine from both the iTunes store and various Amazons around the world.

Link: The Heretic Magazine