News Briefs 13-05-2014

Hugs for sad Alien fans

Quote of the Day:

My childhood was very happy, and my parents have been very nice to me. I think that most of the images in my paintings are evil, but you can’t say that I’m evil. It’s just that evil is much, much more interesting than Paradise…

H.R. Giger

  1. can plants communicate?
    Now I’m curious if science will bother to mathematically translate phytolinguistics, or if they’ll just sit back with their smug, provincial anthropocentrism waiting to hear from space aliens when there are plenty of alien consciousnesses right here on Earth.

    Still wondering whether plants merely signal or if they are engaged in chemical communication parallel to our vocal methods. Maybe if we learned how to speak with ants, the ants could tell us “Oh yeah, you smell that? That plant’s pissed and here’s why. Now gimme my damned sugar, primate!”

  2. Tyson
    Be careful Mr. Tyson, you don’t want to end up like a little known Egyptologist name Hawass who got his own TV show and then ended up stepping on everyone’s “mind toes”…only to find the floor falling out from under him…

    [quote=]I very seriously believe that Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, or Wittgenstein may have gotten just about everything right all those decades, centuries, and even millennia ago — and I know of no professional philosophers writing today who come anywhere close to rivaling the brilliance and depth of these thinkers.[/quote]


    When we stop asking questions, we stop learning. When we stop believing in possibility, we stop imagination. When we stop imagination, we stop progress. So if we stop questioning things, we stop progress…and humanity.

    1. The Transformative Power of Questioning
      110% agreed with you, dude.

      But not only that, I truly think that the very act of questioning, has in itself a very beneficial transformative effect. Dare I say it’s almost alchemical!

      When we’re faced with something that goes beyond our current assumptions, and are steeped in uncertainty, it’s an opportunity for evolution. No doubt my Grailer comrades have heard of that study in which test subjects were submitted to an ambiguous Kafka short story, and afterwards they showed a mensurable increase in their cognitive abilities. That’s the POWER of questioning, right there.

      Which is one of the reasons I treat the UFO phenomenon as my personal Alchemical path to enlightenment 😉

      The Hell with the answers! What *is* the question? ~John Keel

  3. 46 weapons found in Florida
    Larping: Sometimes you need to hide your weapons from your mom.

    Doomsday Preppers: Sometimes you need to hide your weapons from your wife.

    Drug cartels: Sometimes you need to buy a gun.


  4. snakes and plants
    Snakes: Yes a python could kill a child or even a deer if it wanted to, but there is no reason to fear them unless you came into contact with them. Even then, you just wisely keep your distance. I never feared snakes and I still think they are awesome animals. Plus they keep mice from coming into my garage, what’s to complain about? That being said, when people release these once pets into the wild they can become an invasive species and decimate the local native wildlife population. Just as Florida.

    Cyptid Plants:

  5. NdGT
    Neil deGrasse Tyson’s comments on philosophy don’t really surprise me. After watching Neil’s response to the question, “Does the universe have a purpose?” here:

    it was obvious he didn’t have a good understanding of or appreciation for philosophy. (Seriously, who equates the percent of time humans have existed in the universe to it’s purpose?)

    I mean I enjoy the guy, he’s very passionate about science and it shows. I just wish he was a bit more open minded to different modes of thought and understanding.

    Reminds me of when Stephen Hawking, in The Grand Design, proclaimed “Philosophy is dead!” and then went on to do some bad philosophy.

    1. Pluto’s Revenge
      Isn’t 90% (or should that be 99.99%) of what theoretical physicists do actually philosophy?

      The education system and the Internet is broken. Zuckerberg doesn’t have enough billions to fix them. Maybe Greg really should be founding a new university using Kickstart!

      1. Natural Philosophy
        To Hawking, Tyson & their ilk, philosophy is viewed the same way chemists view Alchemy: as the embarrassing baby steps of their discipline, still mired with needless mysticism & superstition.

        Now, they think, we have powerful enough instruments to find the answers to the questions philosophers have been proposing all these centuries. Hooray for Science & its priests!

        But they have it all ass-backwards. The power in Philosophy, and its contribution to modern Science, is NOT in helping us find the answers; it’s in helping us make sure we’re making the right questions.

        1. Asking Questions
          [quote=red pill junkie]
          But they have it all ass-backwards. The power in Philosophy, and its contribution to modern Science, is NOT in helping us find the answers; it’s in helping us make sure we’re making the right questions.[/quote]

          Completely agree, RPJ!

      2. correction
        [quote=Charles Pope]Zuckerberg doesn’t have enough billions to fix them. [/quote]

        I don’t think he cares, not so much that he and the other billionaires don’t have enough.

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