News Briefs 29-04-2014

Best conspiracy theory yet: NASA killed Michael Jackson

Thanks John.

Quote of the Day:

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Ludwig van Beethoven

  1. “Good News for Humanity”
    Why are some people in such a big hurry to find a habitable planet? Isn’t the fact that we are already on a habitable planet good news enough! And why is so hard for “intelligent life” to perceive that we are the product of goddurn freakin aliens on Planet Earth?

    Somebody should create a comic strip vignette of two Greys discussing the Fermi Paradox, haha!

    1. Celebration?
      Answer: Because it would be great to finally have scientific confirmation that yes, we’re not alone in the Universe after all.

      As philosopher Nick Bostrom once said:

      The silence of the night sky is golden … in the search for extraterrestrial life, no news is good news. It promises a potentially great future for humanity.

      Weird. And all this time I thought that the discovery of Earth 2.0 would be a watershed moment, and a profound paradigm change. Bostrom’s argument sounds way too selfish; like a single, lonely guy who gets cheered up whenever one of his married friends gets a divorce :-/

      1. Indian Burial Ground
        Just wait and see what happens in those homes when folks move in only to find they are not alone and not alone with some very pissed off spirits too.

      2. Living Proof
        To me, the human race itself is definite proof that we are not alone. We have found aliens, and they are us!

        It is baffling that so many people, scientists included, are fixated on leaving Earth and starting over on some new planet. Surely we have not yet begun to live on this planet.

        Here’s the Wiki for “alleged ET’s”. Is this the best we can do?

        Could it be that there are so many space-faring races that there is actually competition over space colonization (in locations such as Planet Earth) rather than cooperation?

  2. news
    Michael Jackson is not dead he just went home…

    News…proof that even news gets better when you’re eating discounted jellybeans at the office…

    Life’s work: First, never leave your laptop, for anything it’s being wiped clean and sold on eBay as we type. Second, whoever stole his laptop-you are a jackass.

    Speaking of assholes, it really isn’t a surprise to me anymore how often people build on old burial sites. It sucks. But the builders just want money, they don’t give two shits about history,

    Time murder: Is it possible the now dead woman got in a cat fight (and possibly killed) the first woman after scratching her? That way the now dead woman has the DNA of the first woman under nails. Maybe she never washed her hands. TO HELL WITH YOUR LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS!!!

    Loch Ness: Oh my god..I want a plushie. The google maps image is actually a good candidate for a Whale Shark or a Greenland Shark, which is what some believe it could be.

    Animals: The real question is , if they do, what would they do with it? Humans write books and tell people on Facebook about it, but a dog, for example, doesn’t understand the concept of an afterlife or even what he is seeing as he astral projects. I imagine it would be fascinating to hear what a dog would say, but he probably wouldn’t comprehend what he’s just been through. Do we really?

      1. Since Snowden’s revelations
        Since Snowden’s revelations there has been a big difference in the public’s willingness to say anything controversial on the internet. It is striking – a sort of successful internet censorship without having to fire a shot. Many, many people have tucked their tails between their legs and shut up. Even private emails are self censored now.

          1. Quiet Grailers
            Anybody else remember that mammoth comments thread just after Sept. 11, ’01? If memory serves, we Grailers posted about 2,500 comments, from thoughtful & introspective to resentful & rowdy, under an essay by Greg.

            Grailer comments have grown quieter and quieter ever since.

            Maybe that’s because we’ve become more paranoid aware of surveillance. If so, Toxilogic, who disappeared himself years ago, was a true pioneer.

            Then again, maybe it’s because we now spread our comments around on political blogs and news sites, because Greg changed the Daily Grail’s format, or because we spend too much time on Twitter and our cell phones.

  3. “Image Of The Day: Curiosity Rover on Mars…”
    “…may have just taken the best selfie ever.”

    Mm,and notice, too, how the color of Mrs looks normal,instead of the weird orange/rust coloration they used to hue the older photos with. Looks like it could have been taken right here on Earth.

    1. I wasn’t really referring to
      I wasn’t really referring to Grailers. I noticed the cessation among my personal online activist friends whom I am calling out now as wooses.

      1. Sad
        Yeah, that has indeed occur. I myself have sometimes self-censored myself, whenever I think of how that rant I’m about to Tweet may make it harder for me to cross the border to visit my Gringo friends at Minneapolis :-/

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