News Briefs 08-04-2014

Sorry for the slow-down in posts here at the Grail…real-world responsibilities have been taking priority for the last few weeks. Hope to be back on the Grail horse again now though.

Quote of the Day:

God wanted to hide his secrets in a secure place… Then the solution occurred to him. ‘I shall put my secrets in the inner sanctum of man’s own mind. Then only those who really deserve it will be able to get to it’.

Tale recounted in the Amazon to Professor Benny Shanon, and quoted in his book The Antipodes of the Mind

  1. Crowdfunding pseudoscience
    I felt that this mediumship study seeking crowd-funding fell into the category pseudoscientific and had somewhat negative thoughts about it, almost including con. But who knows which study is pseudoscientific? And what are the ethics concerning crowd-funding?

  2. ishihara
    i had to take this test in school a loooooong time ago. I passed then and now. and I better, my job depends on it. Color blindness effected a lot of students and a couple of teachers in my school.

  3. what we see
    So maybe this ’15-second average’ explains why it’s frequently hard to see objects you know are right there in front of you – the scizzors you just put down, the twist-tie off the loaf of bread, etc.

    No telling how many times I’ve had to stand there, staring, for longer than 15 seconds, to allow small things to reemerge into view. And I’ve always thought I just wasn’t paying proper attention!

  4. Planet X or Mega-Mars
    Lorenzo Iorio’s criticism of the Super-Earth “Planet X” possibility doesn’t rule out something smaller, closer, such as the ‘planetoid’ theorised by Patryk Lykawka as the cause of the Kuiper Belt’s current structure. An object massing 0.3 Earths could be just outside the region where the newly discovered Sedna-like objects orbit.

    PS: The range of a 0.3 Earth Mass object, as allowed by current orbital data of the Gas Giants and Inner Planets, is 190-340 AU as per Iorio’s analysis.

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