News Briefs 25-03-2014

Too many meatspace responsibilities, not enough time for Grail duties. But the TDG news briefs wait for no man…

Quote of the Day:

Cause you are a single grain
A mere molecule
Mistaken for a king
You’re only a simple fool

Dallas Green/City and Colour, “Take Care

  1. news
    Demon: The problem with a still photo is that it can be easily altered. I’d like to see the still before and after, I’d also like to see pictures of the equipment in that room. A few years ago a trick of the light from the spring equinox caused an “angel” to seemingly appear on the camera over the bed of a young girl who had really a terrible health condition and it was not a good state of life. Because of the angel, her mom decided to NOT pull the plug even though her child was suffering. This “demon” is very oddly shaped. I’m just gonna sit back and wait for the explanation…..

    Dingbats: “Angry graphic designers who want to prove their worth to the world UNITE!!!!”

    3,200 year old tree…wait…there is such a thing anymore? That is awesome.

  2. Stollznow
    Wait! It seems it ain’t over yet:

    […] [M]y harasser filed a defamation suit against me, trying to bully me into silence. Although he’s spent thousands of dollars on a lawyer to clear his name, he knew that I could not afford the same. In my attempts to settle out of court he has tried to bully me into signing a retraction, which claimed that I had lied about the whole ordeal, including his ongoing harassment of me, and assaults at one of our professional conferences. Although I didn’t sign the retraction, he posted the document on his very public Facebook page and announced victory over me. This also led to false public edits being made to my Wikipedia page.

    I never lied about the harassment I endured and I have evidence and witnesses to attest to my experiences. The only crime I have committed is not being rich enough to defend myself. If you believe in justice and in protecting victims who are bullied into silence, please dig deep and help support this legal fund. I must raise $30,000 in the next two weeks in order to find legal counsel to fight these allegations and clear my own name. If my harasser succeeds in bullying me into silence, it will only serve to embolden harassers, and teach victims that they should never speak up, lest it ruin their lives.

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