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To the Mountain of Madness: A Fortean Road-Trip in Search of Lovecraft, Crowley, and an Alien Abduction

What happens when a couple of guys grab their video camera and set out to explore the weirder side of New Hampshire? You get a fantastic ‘trilogy’ of mini-documentaries following the region’s historical links with the likes of horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, master occultist Aleister Crowley, the famous ‘alien abduction’ of Betty and Barney Hill, and strange sites including Mystery Hill and Crowley’s magickal retreat (in which he claimed to have witnessed manifestations of ball lightning), before ending at the highest point in New Hampshire’s own so-called Bermuda Triangle – the Ossipee Triangle – host to numerous UFO sightings and brutal unsolved murders, and a stone table reputed to have bee used for human sacrifice.

The entire documentary is one big, awesome Fortean road trip – enthusiasts having fun investigating strange history and locations, speculating, making connections, discovering new things – but all the while not taking things too seriously – accompanied by good music, and fair helpings of weird vibes.

For those trapped behind their desks, or any other fairly mundane environment, it’s definitely worth grabbing a brew and watching through all three videos below. Good fun and a great atmosphere!

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