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The Temple: A Short Film About Ritual, Place, and Letting Go, Filmed at Burning Man

Recently I’ve been contemplating the loss in modern culture of authentic sacred rituals and places, so when I came across The Temple – a short film about modern spirituality, looked at through the lens of the Burning Man temple – I was interested to see how it is used to facilitate the ‘letting go’ of emotional/psychiatric baggage:

Now that many in our society have moved beyond traditional religion, how do we move past tragedy? How do we mark the exciting events in our lives and how do we deal with life’s inevitable trials? Some people who face these questions find the answer in the most unlikely of places, Burning Man. “The Temple” explores modern spirituality in a contemplative and personal manner touching on the ideas of self-discovery, letting go, and meaningful human connection that transcends simply a party in the desert.

A beautifully made little film which contemplates fascinating issues relating to our psyche. In our rush to dismiss ‘primitive superstitions’ from our advanced modern lives, have we lost some important tools?