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Robert Bauval and Zahi Hawass, with Graham Hancock and John Anthony West

Alternative History Author Robert Bauval to Launch Legal Action Against Egyptologist Zahi Hawass

Get the popcorn, things are about to get interesting. Robert Bauval, who has locked horns with Egyptologist Zahi Hawass regularly over the past two decades since he proposed the ‘Orion Correlation Theory’ explanation of the Giza pyramid layout, has just posted the following statement to his Facebook account:


I have instructed my lawyers to collaborate with a legal cabinet in Egypt to prepare a libel and defamation case against Zahi Hawass. The direct and open accusation Mr. Hawass has made against me are:

(1) That I collaborated and paid the two german amateur archaeologists to steal the cartouche of the pharaoh Khufu inside a relief chamber of the Great Pyramid.

(2) That I wrote a book/s claiming that the “Jews” built the Pyramids of Egypt.

(3) That myself and my family are of the Jewish Faith. (I am a Christian Catholic).

These accusations are totally and utterly false. Accusations (1) and (2) are exptremely damaging to my person and my work. All three accusation also put me in grave danger in Egypt which has been gripped by dangerous Islamists who are anti-Semitic/Jewish.

In consideration of my ‘bestselling status’ and my readership around the world, and in consideration that my reputation and the success of my books rely heavily on my credibility and my repect for ancient Egyptian monuments and artefacts and culture, my legal advisor will be asking for damages in the six figure bracket in US Dollars.

A similar legal case may also be opened against ASAR MASR, the owners of the Facebook that ran the demantory and libelous interview of Hawass.

Thank you.

This is not the first time Hawass has attacked Bauval – we reported last year that Hawass had suggested Bauval was promoting a Jewish agenda in an article on the front page of the popular Egyptian daily newspaper Al Ahram.

  1. more here – MISTERI programma TV, RAITRE,563670

    MISTERI (programma TV, RAITRE) – Il segreto delle piramidi

    the great pyramid, jesus and a Clemente Ciamarra connection,

    i tend to believe so 🙂

    also in the italian video, we can see how hawass would
    dislike bauval view that the cartouche of khufu is not proof that khufu built the monument. so we can understand dr hawass view bauval trying to take the cartouche evidence away from the pyramid.

    plus regarding what was said in Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram of April 12, 2012, before i ran the newspaper link thru online translate and it appear it was farouk hosni who directed certain comments towards bauval, it appears it wasnt hawass.

    also in the translate from the newspaper article,
    farouk hosni mentioned bauval offered a screenplay.
    hosni statement there implies bauval misunderstood it, meaning screenplay was not a dvd, but bauval book.

    heres bauval spewing some comments but one can wonder how many things he misunderstood.

    ciao clemente

    1. re: more here

      heres bauval spewing some comments but one can wonder how many things he misunderstood.[/quote]

      There’s a good chance that there’s many things he’s misunderstood. It’s also certain that there are many things Hawass has misunderstood and/or blatantly lied about.

  2. LOL HAWASS got Wrong Author
    Obviously HAWASS hasn’t read “Grandpa Was a Deity” which traces the yDNA origins of the Levites from india to Germany and Britain — in Germany & Britain they built the Stone Circles [Stonehenge etc].
    Then down to Egypt where they used the same math to design the layout of the Pyramids.
    If HAWASS had read “Genesis of Genesis” he would know they incorporated that math into the Book of Genesis — the Patriarch ages — along with the links to the Egyptian Solar Calendar and parts of the Hyksos era history.
    The Exodus was just the Hyksos (Hebrew) Priests leaving Egypt and taking their knowledge with them as the nation collapsed upon itself.
    Hard math and solid history. Then too, we have the recent finding based on HAWASS’s work — King Tut’s DNA established he was of the British line that worked with the Hebrews built Stonehenge and Pyramids (Probably descendant in line of Imhotep). Of course, the books will be bad for the case by Robert Bauval — poor baby, accused of being Jewish … says Catholic … he had better read “Saint Paul’s Joke” [the Vatican did before it was published, and the pope resigned a few weeks after publication].

    1. Hawass Bauval
      It’s rather interesting how people can throw huge sweeping statements around about those who built Stonehenge and Pyramids without any shred of evidence to substantiate such things. yDNA and Levites from India and Germany???? Exodus? Hyksos? Tut’s DNA? British line?…..What a confusing mixture.

      Mr Bauval appears to be a poor unfortunate victim of circumstances. And Hawass? An obvious charlatan. Thankfully he no longer holds sway over such precious cargo.

    1. R1b1a2
      Black Sea is a sea in south-eastern Europe. It is bounded by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus.

      i tend to believe some of ancient egypt knowledge may of came from earlier knowledge from turkey, especially places like gobekli tepe.

      heres a quote from link below –
      “The haplogroup R1b1a2, which iGENEA claims includes King Tut, arose 9,500 years ago in the Black Sea region. How Tut’s ancestors would have gotten from that region to Egypt is unknown.”

      ciao clemente

      1. Actually King Tut’s DNA is
        Actually King Tut’s DNA is NOT related to European as some are trying to make out. Below is the text taken from the ACTUAL ARTICLE published. You just extracted a bit to suit your posting:

        A personal genomics company in Switzerland says they’ve reconstructed a DNA profile of King Tutankhamen by watching the Discovery Channel, claiming the results suggest more than half of Western European men are related to the boy king. But researchers who worked to decode Tut’s genome in the first place say the claim is “unscientific.”

        Swiss genomics company iGENEA has launched a Tutankhamen DNA project ‘based on what they say are genetic markers that appeared on a computer screen during a Discovery Channel special on the famous pharaoh’s genetic lineage’.

        These were the circumstances in which the supposed DNA analysis was done. Unscientific.

        1. tut relationship – black sea area – truth and scientific
          [quote=Isarr] You just extracted a bit to suit your posting:

          ? you seem to be addressing me,
          i stated the facts on link and
          i think your confused and did not understand it.

          the scientific fact remains
          King Tut haplogroup R1b1a2 came from black sea area.

          heres the link again i suggest you reread it.

          p.s. i hope your not one of those fools who believes
          robert bauval black genesis book.

          ciao clemente

    2. re; no Hebrews
      [quote=Ienpu]Uhm…their where no Hebrews when Stonehenge or the Pyramids where built. There wasn’t even a Proto-Hebrew Race.[/quote]

      That may be the official viewpoint currently. However that does not make it definitive. And even within that view we have Stonehenge at 2300 BCE when there was definitely a “proto-Hebrew race”

      BTW check your grammar. Once is an error, twice in the same post is a “hmmmmm”

    1. re: Semitic Semantics
      [quote=Strange_Stars_Near_Arcturus]How is it possible for Egyptians to be Anti-Semitic? Semitic; Semites; Of the Semitic Tribes – which includes Arabic.[/quote]

      I had that thought at one time. However . . Wikipedia:

      “Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is prejudice, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage. A person who holds such positions is called an “antisemite”.

      While the term’s etymology might suggest that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic people, the term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany as a more scientific-sounding term for Judenhass (“Jew-hatred”),[1] and that has been its normal use since then.

      The term “antisemitic” has been used on occasion to include bigotry against other Semitic-language peoples such as Arabs, but such usage is not widely accepted. ”

      1. No kidding?
        So why isn’t it just called “racism”?

        Doesn’t an exclusive term for racism… constitute racism?

        Gosh, the double-speak of the world does my head in.

  3. Christian Catholic ?
    As opposed to Jewish Catholics?

    Jesus was a Jew as well as King of the Jews which of course means people following Jesus would naturally not be considered Jews.

    Makes sense like all religions do

  4. bauval lies – misinformation
    The direct and open accusation Mr. Hawass has made against me are:

    (1) That I collaborated and paid the two german amateur archaeologists to steal the cartouche of the pharaoh Khufu inside a relief chamber of the Great Pyramid.

    the germans recently changing their story, they earlier claimed to have taken the cartouche and recently now claim to have taken ancient writings near it. so its understandable why others were misinformed from the germans earlier story.

    also regarding robert bauval claims, he seems to be lieing or giving wrong information as well about dr hawass.
    i wonder if dr hawass will press charges against bauval.

    robert bauval has claimed on his facebook that in the newspaper “Al-Masry Al-Youm” on 10 December 2013 that article mention this – quote
    “Robert Bauval paid two Germans to steal part of the Cheops cartouche in the Pyramid!”
    (Zahi Hawass in the newspaper “Al-Masry Al-Youm” on 10 December 2013)
    ” —end quote —

    i translated the story of december 10 2013 from that newspaper online, and in no way does it mention hawass mention bauval “PAID” thus the meaning and intent could mean something totally different. Bauval BABBLE as in the tower.

    heres the link and the translation in english below.

    «Senses»: Germans working for the Egyptian Jews in Belgium stole

    «Cartouche of Cheops» April

    Dr Zahi Hawass, Minister of State for the effects of the previous robberies that cartouche of King Khufu, has to calculate an Egyptian Jew works in Belgium, a, Robert Bofal, who is trying in every way to prove that «Pyramid industry Jewish and non-Egyptian».

    He said «senses», in an exclusive statement to «Egyptian today», said Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities, said in a media interviews, said that «thefts cartouche of Khufu was in 2006, which is contrary to truth and reality; as the regulatory agencies and the police proved that Thefts were in 2013, as evidenced by the passports of Germans, which has been proven to have entered Egypt last April ».

    He asked «senses»: «How to be thefts has in 2006 and investigations conducted with current officials, were not investigated with the charge of the area of ​​the pyramid and then, as the result of the investigations came to confirm my words; were transported all those responsible for the pyramids, after confirming their involvement in the incident one way or another ».

    He added: «I would like to clarify that the vandals aliens led by a Jewish Egyptian lives in Belgium, sent more than one person to come in from before were prevented completely, and I had many battles with him, as he wrote a book by tries to prove that an Egyptian pyramid», adding that « Pyramid was not allowing it to enter only through tourism companies, to tighten control it, which is the opposite of what is happening now; what caused the break of smuggling samples ».

    He pointed out that «labs German tried to demonstrate through the red color found in the closets that the history of the pyramid is due to the 15 thousand years;, which means that this is the history of building the pyramid, but the fact that is underscored by all Egyptologists Egyptians and foreigners that (Cheops) Send in public 27 of his mission to bring the red color of the stone from the Western Sahara (Almast), a color cartridge which it was written, and it reflects that the age of the quarry, which brought him the color is 15 thousand years and not the age of pyramid building ».

    He stressed «senses» on «indispensability of view of those responsible for the effects of what is happening from the destruction and vandalism in some areas and not just a shift from the official charges or attempt to evade responsibility for a disaster as large as penetrating the pyramid, and the theft of a cartouche of Khufu, as does the current minister».

    ciao clemente

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