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News Briefs 04-11-2013

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. And now that I’ve finished finding your news, I’m off to read Russell Brand’s 4,500-word manifesto for revolution.

Quote of the Day:

Contrary to what we once thought, the genetic makeup of neurons in the brain aren’t identical, but are made up of a patchwork of DNA.

Fred Gage, Salk Institute researcher, here.

  1. Volcanoes in Maine!

    Well, of course there are volcanoes in Maine. We also have earthquakes. It’s a VERY interesting area of the country, geologically. In fact, if you ever wonder why we grow so many potatoes, it’s because we only have about 18 inches of topsoil. The rest of our farm land is down in New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania where the glaciers pushed it during the last ice age.

    Maine’s rugged beauty comes from a violent geologic past, from volcanoes to earthquakes to the very bedrock being scraped clean and gouged by massive ice sheets. All those lovely stone walls, foundations and buildings you see? Those stones they are made of are what was left behind when the glaciers melted.

    And when the sea levels rise again, as they have many times before, Maine’s topography will once more be changed, to a series of islands. Time is nature’s handiwork and Maine one of her most beautiful creations.

  2. bears, octopus and Bigfoot
    Well, if you can survive fighting a bear, of course you can survive falling off a cliff…like the bad ass you know you are πŸ˜›

    Octopus: I wish I could have one as a pet. I would get nothing done because I would be too busy watching it open things.

    Bigfoot: “Shoot first, ask questions later” is a golden rule that does not apply to all situations. But moreover, why were they all arrested? Aside from the obvious of being stupid, did the guys they shot press charges?

    1. Arrested
      From what I read, the guy’s father-in-law is an ex-convict, so that’s why he chose to throw the firing weapon into a pond. Then they changed their statement –including the guy’s wife– which caused the investment of a lot of police man-hours.

      So basically, they got arrested for being insincere, stupid, and managing to piss the sheriff off πŸ˜‰

    1. hx’s fringe
      From shape-shifting reptilian aliens who are attempting to take over Earth, to the real 9-11 masterminds, to the current cabal of skeptics, the Daily Grail has always had an interest in conspiracies (theoretical or otherwise). So…

      >> What does News about the CIA’s conduct have to do with the fringes of science and history?

      Nine years ago (or thereabouts), the Daily Grail was posting links about these sorts of CIA activities, which were being blogged about, almost exclusively, by people who were labeled ‘conspiracy nutters’. I like to post follow-up links whenever the mainstream finally catches on. For instance, a few years ago I posted a link about someone who was doing research in the Vatican Archives, and accidently stumbled across irrefutable proof that the pope and the king of France actually did conspire against the Knights Templar – on Friday the 13th, about 700 years ago. After 7 centuries of denial, the Vatican admitted being party to the plot.

      1. No fringe there .
        A report that the CIA – or any intelligence agency – having allowed, encouraged or had agents who engaged in torturing is not fringe in any way. Such occurrences are well documented. This is why I used the term “conduct”

        Of course there can be reports about CIA activities in areas that are fringe.

        1. Not fringe in any way
          Depends on your overall world-view. 15 years ago there were still plenty of American citizens who would’ve been utterly appalled, if by some weird mystical time slip they’d managed to read the news printed today by even the most conservative of newspapers.

          Being Fringe is sometimes only being just a little ahead of the curve πŸ˜‰

        2. not fringe
          >> …not fringe in any way.


          Greg’s description, from a couple of years ago, of the Daily Grail’s main interests: Science, History, Magik, Myth.

          We also occasionally post links to articles about philosophy, math, chess, parrots, cats, caves, comedians, movies, graphic novels, and comic strips (among other things).

          So, pov, in your opinion, what’s the big deal about news-links to non-fringe articles?

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