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Some of of our most popular posts here at TDG are those very cool videos combining inspiring monologues with spine-tingling music and visual accompaniment, such as this one featuring Jason Silva’s discussion of ‘The Omega Point‘:

That video, and a number of others, were produced by Omid Pakbin, an Iranian now living in Canada. He created the Omega Point project just over a year ago, and in that period his YouTube channel has amassed some 600 thousand views and 10,000 subscribers.

But creating these videos can be a time-consuming and laborious process (not least as Omid also composes the music to some of them), as well as somewhat expensive, in terms of purchasing the necessary software etc. Omid is now finding it difficult to justify the time and expense required, and is looking for a little financial support to help him out. Sounds like a worth cause to me!

The Minimum Goal of this campaign is $3000. If the campaign doesn’t reach the minimum amount by the end of the one month period, I will get nothing and all the contributions get refunded, but if the goal is reached, I will be able to continue doing what I have been doing. Anything above the minimum amount will help me to create more and better material. No matter how much money is raised, all of it will go towards this project

Here’s Omid’s pitch:

As I always say, in this era it’s all about supporting talented independent creators as best we can so that we can continue to enjoy their output into the future, so drop some coins in his can if you’ve got some spare change available!

Link: Kickstarter: The Omega Point Project

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