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Humans Giving Birth to Dolphins as a Way to Solve Global Hunger (Wait, What?!)

In what surely will be the most WTF-esque story you’ll read all week, I give to you “I wanna Deliver a Dolphin,” an art project conceived by designer Ai Hasegawa as a way to raise questions about the use of synthetic biology to solve current problems –in this case, satisfying maternal instincts in an overcrowded world facing food shortages, by having women give birth to dolphins… before eating them.

Hasegawa proposes synthesising a placenta that could support an animal in a human womb.

“This project approaches the problem of human reproduction in an age of overcrowding, overdevelopment and environmental crisis,” Hasegawa said. “With potential food shortages and a population of nearly seven billion people, would a woman consider incubating and giving birth to an endangered species such as a shark, tuna or dolphin?”

The designer also questions whether someone would feel differently about eating a delicacy having personally carried and nurtured it.

“Would raising this animal as a child change its value so drastically that we would be unable to consume it because it would be imbued with the love of motherhood?” asked Hasegawa.

I Wanna Deliver a … from aikiaiki on Vimeo.

“Hurry up, honey, our guests are getting hungry! Oh, and where do we keep the soy sauce?”

  1. DAFUQ?!…this isn’t a video of…oh god…oh god…OH SHIT…WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN ME?! WTF RPJ??!! WTF?!

    Ok first off I don’t eat any of those animals anyway (nope, not even tuna). And second, Japan, we need to have a talk. A serious f*ing talk.


    So much endless weird…I…I can’t think anymore ._.

      1. i just had a thought…
        …aren’t new born dolphins, like, bigger than human babies (length)? That would hurt like hell for most woman! Not to mention the fins. Also it mentions also saving tuna O_o so lots and lot of little eggs??? no, just no. mammals are a possibility but once you cross over to non-mammal science may have gone to far. also eeeeewwwww 😛

      1. It would be fun . . and probabaly illegal
        [quote=red pill junkie]Though I doubt we’d ‘birth’ them the traditional way ;)[/quote]

        Probably not but then again . .. it’s doable They’re mammals. I’m sure materialism can come up with manipulations to allow a dolphin-human hybrid to gestate within a human womb.

        1. Doable

          In her website, Hasegawa explains her idea of how to prevent the gestating dolphin to be attacked by the surrogate mother's immune system & viceversa. Obviously there would be LOADS of stuff to figure out. Doable? Maybe in the mid-term future, but then again, you'd hope scientists would spend their time figuring out how to get rid of HIV or Alzheimer's instead of something as wacky as this!


          Then again, maybe in 100 years synthetic biology could follow the same path as robotics, and kids would be fooling around with enzymes & proteins with toy kits, the same way they're now playing with Legos Mindstorms…

          1. re: doable
            One thing want to make clear I find the idea of raising or hybridizing intelligent mammals for food near-horrifying. My thoughts of a hybrid are about what characteristics such a species would express.

            BTW There really are very few things – if any – that aren’t doable. Hmm . . . I’ll qualify that. There may be such things but, if so, humans don’t know about them yet.

          1. I was leaning on
            I was leaning on the idea that some ancient astronaut theorist believe aliens, specifically the Annunaki, cross bred human and animal DNA and thus created monsters such as the Egyptian gods and the Minotaur, for example. Not necessarily human and the aliens themselves mating or even crossing their DNA with human DNA in a test tube.

    1. they’re made of meat
      It would be nice if several countries, who still do, would stop hunting (culling) dolphin, whales, and other “keystone” species. And it’s not just about the “charismatic megafauna” approach, where we only want to save the most intelligent or “pretty” animals. Why do we have to kill so damn many of everything? I eat meat and I personally don’t think it is healthy to A) stop eating meat all together, and B) eat too much meat or only meat in your diet. I just feel as though the idea of culling masses of any wild animal borders on the arcane idea of dominating nature masked behind the word tradition. I don’t have a problem with hunting, as long as it is legal and all of the animal is used.

      There really is a group of tribesman who fish with the aid of dolphins and pay it forward. Why can’t we all be that? Not just with dolphins, but with other non-domesticated animals. Why do humans still fear the wolf even when they live in a big city and the closest they ever got to the animal was a special on the Discovery Channel? Is it instinctive or is it just stupidity? Do we kill and eat dolphins and whales because it is the only meat available or because of a “tradition?” Why is it that some countries will give you a fine or jail time for taking the life of a protected species and some countries just look the other way? Why are tigers disappearing?

      Why can’t we fix these problems? Because our minds won’t let us. And our conditioning, beliefs, greed and other faults of our minds cause most of the problems with the environment and stop us from fixing it. It’s the “Asshole Instinct” and we all have it. One day, we all will throw a candy wrapper on the ground instead of walking 4 feet to a trash basket. God willing you won’t shoot a clouded leopard for sport 😛

      1. re: they’re made of meat #1
        I disagree with many of those opinions. In fact, many strike me as the same old cop-out of “that’s just human nature.” Nonsense!

        Also . . have you come across a wolf at night when it was just him/her or you? Much as I love animals there was definitely some fear. In the same way that there’s some fear when I see a pitbull roaming around.

        “Why can’t we all be that?”
        Because we’re individuals with differing knowledge, values, beliefs, fears, etc.

    2. Eating humans
      Aren’t we doing that already? You just have to switch ‘eating’ with ‘consuming’ and that’s pretty much the cornerstone of our civilization…

        1. Consume
          Going to work is basically the transformation of a human being’s time & effort into a commodity. And with many employees earning measly salaries, how is that not consuming?

          1. re: Consume
            [quote=red pill junkie]Going to work is basically the transformation of a human being’s time & effort into a commodity. And with many employees earning measly salaries, how is that not consuming?[/quote]

            Thanks for explaining what you meant – though I don’t share that viewpoint. I see it as an exchange. And I see people as being much more than what they do for dollars.

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