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In what surely will be the most WTF-esque story you’ll read all week, I give to you “I wanna Deliver a Dolphin,” an art project conceived by designer Ai Hasegawa as a way to raise questions about the use of synthetic biology to solve current problems –in this case, satisfying maternal instincts in an overcrowded world facing food shortages, by having women give birth to dolphins… before eating them.

Hasegawa proposes synthesising a placenta that could support an animal in a human womb.

“This project approaches the problem of human reproduction in an age of overcrowding, overdevelopment and environmental crisis,” Hasegawa said. “With potential food shortages and a population of nearly seven billion people, would a woman consider incubating and giving birth to an endangered species such as a shark, tuna or dolphin?”

The designer also questions whether someone would feel differently about eating a delicacy having personally carried and nurtured it.

“Would raising this animal as a child change its value so drastically that we would be unable to consume it because it would be imbued with the love of motherhood?” asked Hasegawa.

I Wanna Deliver a … from aikiaiki on Vimeo.

“Hurry up, honey, our guests are getting hungry! Oh, and where do we keep the soy sauce?”