Viral Video for Rayban Sunglasses Shows How Easily Our Eyes Can Be Fooled

It’s a viral ad for Rayban, so apologies to all for succumbing to the machinations of advertising executives, but this video is worth posting just to show how easily our eyes can be fooled. Stay with it for the twist at the end!

  1. Who’s fooling who?
    What I find interesting is the motivation for thinking, and attempting to spread, the idea that “the eyes can be fooled easily”
    A concept which, leaving aside it’s inaccuracy, is rooted in the assumption of materialism. Fascinating.

    1. Scenical
      [quote=Mythras]I’m just amazed by the fact that someone here would call this primitive idea “super clever”…

      Are we reaching “Ow my balls” levels here on the Grail?[/quote]

      Who here said it was “super clever”?

      I think it’s a nicely executed optical illusion that’s good fun (and instructive).

      1. Yes and . .

        I think it’s a nicely executed optical illusion that’s good fun (and instructive).[/quote]

        It’s the “instructive” part that intrigues me. What exactly do you see it as being instructive of?

        BTW . . .the eyes are never fooled. 😉

        1. illusion
          It never hurts to be reminded how easily our eyes and brains can be fooled. A Charles Fort quote: “And there is not a physicist in the world who can perceive when a parlor magician palms off playing-cards.”

          The eyes are never fooled? Mine were!

          1. Yes the eyes are never fooled
            [quote=Doug Skinner]

            The eyes are never fooled? Mine were![/quote]

            lol. Your eyes were not fooled. It’s a common colloquial expression but that isn’t what happens. Yes the sense of vision can be fooled.

  2. I’ve seen this illusion
    I’ve seen this illusion before (without the advertising hook). It’s not your eyes being fooled, but rather your *single* eye, as they are depriving your brain of half the normal amount of data it takes in. What else is your brain supposed to think? The illusion would fail if you were standing in front of that table in real life rather than looking thru a camera lens.

    1. Get yoah Cyclops on
      It’s not even the single eye being fooled. In actuality, you are fooling yourself. Or you could say “a complex process goes in your brain that results in you retrieving an incorrect match”

      Then again all this conceptualization of being fooled rests on beliefs founded in materialism.

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