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Short Documentary ‘Surviving Death’ Talks to Three Near-Death Experiencers

Surviving Death is a beautifully produced 12-minute-long mini-documentary featuring the near-death experiences (NDEs) of Kimberly Clark Sharp, Roland A. Webb, and Louisa Peck, told in their own words. The interviews are part of a longer series titled Consciousness Continues, the first episode of which will be released on on Amazon instant Streaming in January 2014.

  1. There is really nothing more
    There is really nothing more culturally profound than this subject. It is completely revolutionary. It changes everything for most Westerners.

    1. thanks for sharing my movie
      Hi I saw that my movie was shared here and just wanted to say hi and thank you. I am working on making a series called consciousness continues from these interviews plus 13 more. There has been a lot of talk that people who have had NDE’s should talk about the fact that you don’t’ have to die to get to that place. I will be bringing that up in my series. Blessings to all. Heather

  2. Dolores Cannon
    Dolores Cannon claims near death doesnt go far enough
    and mentions her way is better
    – Life After Death

    couple weeks ago my dear aunt Antonietta Ciamarra in D’Alessandro

    i have no doubt in a afterlife after the series of events in my life, so its just a matter of time when we meet again, along with other friends and relatives.

    Im Sure my aunt got a big surprise when she talked to jesus and found out my role in this timeline 🙂

    ciao clemente

    1. Dolores lives near me in
      Dolores lives near me in Arkansas, and I have been hypnotically entrained by her. In that state one does not make much distinction between life and death – the continuum becomes more obvious. Dolores and I had a powerful experience of intense energy in the room while I went into an ecstatic reverie. It even messed up her cassette recorder (this was 5 or 6 years ago.)

      1. Sounds interesting
        i went to a hypnoist long ago, clearly she didnt use dolores method, but perhaps she was unaware of it at the time.

        well i really wanted to get under a hypnotic trance to try to get some answers to what was really going on. but sadly the hynpoist clearly used that lighter method that dolores mention which does not get a person deep enough in trance.

        so i was really a sceptic of people comments when they claimed to be under hypnotic trance. because for me there was no difference in the state of mind other than just really relaxing, if they were in that lighter trance.

        i hope dolores was able to give you answers.
        i loved to see dolores. 🙂

        ciao clemente

        1. I had the same general idea
          I had the same general idea throughout my session which felt more like a highly suggestible “twilight” state though Dolores was careful not to ask many leading questions. Most of my session could have been a confabulation. It was the last 3 minutes of an intensely ecstatic state that convinced me something very deep had happened. It just came out of nowhere. I was muscle sore for two weeks after that session as if I had run a marathon or something. Every muscle in my body had gone through some kind of torching. After I came out of it I told Dolores that it had felt like “source” energy – a flame of pure bliss beyond anything I had ever experienced. I could not in a mortal coil have remained in that state for longer than a couple or three minutes – I would have been as J. Krishnamurti used to put it “burnt.” It was quite strange and wonderful.

          1. Thanks for sharing
            dolores mentions the bliss feeling in that video i posted earlier which was filmed in 2008.

            dolares cannon approach is to focus on the death experience not from a near death experience but a prior life death experience which went thru the death experience. dolores feels a near death falls short because they return and may not know the entire story of a true death experience.
            dolares has been doing it for about 35 years now and has book out since 93.

            results of the hundreds of people that went thru her method were all describing the same thing, which is nice to hear that the results are same for all.

            ciao clemente

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